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Sharon Ann Wikoff

Voice Of Change


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Are you being called to be a “Voice of Change” in our world today! Do you ever ask “What is happening in our world? “What is REALLY important”? “How can I make a difference”? Have you ever considered that the degree of PEACE in the world, is a sum total of the degree of PEACE in each person on the planet? How could it be anything different? Thus, the time has come when we each must find that PEACE within our self. Would you like a greater PEACE? David Hawkins, M.D., PhD. states in his book, Power VS. Force, that ONE person living at the level of PEACE counterbalances millions living at the level of fear and anger. YOU can make a difference! The world needs you! YOU can be a Voice for Change. Join me as I begin a new phase of programming on Voice for Change, beginning December 25. The programs will be centered around the Journey Inward…Discovering the TRUTH of You…where PEACE is always present.

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Welcome to the Voice of Change. Today, the topic is about creating a life-style that works for YOU? Do you yearn for a less hectic life? Do you yearn to have time to take a walk in nature? Do you yearn to have less stress? All of this is... more

Welcome to the Voice of Change. Today Sharon Ann Wikoff will talk about the Art of Meditation and how to see it in a very simple way. Meditation does not have to be difficult or impossible. She'll talk about how to use this practice to... more

Welcome to the Voice of Change. Do you seek a greater PEACE? Would you like to find a way to be at peace with all that is going on in the world. There is a way to be in the world, fully engaged and totally at peace. Creating a life-style that... more

On the Voice Of Change today, Sharon Ann Wikoff will dialogue with Rio Olesky, a practicing professional astrologer since the last 70s. We all have choice. We can choose how to act in each moment, even though we do we can't... more

Today on Voice of Change, the conversation about Stepping into 2018 continues. The question posed for today is: "What is the "power" you want to step into and why"? And this question, brings up many additional questions, such as:... more

Today on the Voice of Change, my guest Kathleen McTeigue and I will dialogue about how we can step into our POWER in 2018. When we take the time to live consciously and aligned with the Truth of who we really are, we know we have... more

The Holidays are approached in two very different ways. Some people LOVE them! Others DREAD them. Times with family and friends, shopping, baking are enjoyed by many. Being alone, having difficulties going on, or having unmet... more

Welcome to the Voice of Change. I'm Sharon Ann Wikoff and delighted to be with you for this program with Ali Dryja, entitled, Feeling Our Way Through The Dark. For many of us, right now is emotionally triggering time to be alive, and... more

Welcome to the Voice of Change. I'm Sharon Ann Wikoff and delighted to be with you today for this program on The 8 Pillars for Good Health. There are many variables to create and maintain good health. Some we can control and others... more

Welcome everyone to the Voice of Change. I'm your host Sharon Ann Wikoff and delighted to be here with Jyude Allbright. Today Jyude and I will explore the Art of Listening to Your Heart. Have you ever had the JOY of getting an idea very... more
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