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Vince in the Bay

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Call in show broadcasting in Northern California. QUOTES: "the howard stern of the hackers/nerds" - Sabu "Your show is a bigger freak show than @BarrettBrownLOL's topless tinychats. I'd rather watch The Gong Show dubbed in Spanish." - Ron Brynaert "Unmute me!" - Hammurabi's Code "most of vinces fan base are young and their tiny minds have the attention span of pidgeons" - Motormouth News "Shut up faggot!" - Asshurtmacfags "I'm 12. What is this?" - Charrie Wongz "Dear Jesus, please give Vince testicular cancer. Amen." - The One Angry Jew "If you want to hear epic stupidity, tune into Vince in the Bay radio program. EPIC. - @Uppity1 "My chocolate is dark." - CrappyAirBags "PICK UP THE PHONE!!!!" - ShadowDXS "WUT!" - Shm00p "Just tried to give Vine in the Bay another listen. Six people talking over each other & saying "Solidarity" every 3 mins.Holy shit that sucked" - Joe Prich "Yay!" - AnonyBear "Sheeeeeeeeeit." - Ronald Lankford "Mmmmmm… Yes! yes!!! Ooooohhhh!!!!" - Nikki Smokesalot in the green room "so its cool now to pose as my dead father to troll me? VInce in the Bay u r gainin the rep as a lamer of Emick proportions w/ Welnas dockside." - Kelly Hallissey

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Tonight Vince is joined by attorney Stanley Cohen. For over three decades Cohen has practiced law and criminal and political defense for which he has made many friends and powerful enemies. As a criminal lawyer Stanley... more

Tonight Vince is joined by TV and Internet personality Lori Harfenist who is better known as ?The Resident.? Lori got her start in broadcasting by producing a Manhattan cable access show. With a penchant to rant against anything... more

It's Friday night again and time to go commando! TGIFBF!!!! No underwear allowed! The world is in turmoil and the Internet in disarray, yet there is one becon of hope and that's Vince in the Bay! Join Vince tonight as he explores... more

Join Vince tonight as he welcomes several guest callers to discuss recent developments in various online feuds. As you know VITB has formed a coalition to battle the oppresive ninjas who are taking over the Internet. An on air faceoff... more

It's time to celebrate Hump Day with Vince in the Bay!!!! Tonight Vince will verbally hump guests @Xcitizen10 (from Northern Mexico) and @FoolishReporter (live from Canada)! We will discuss current life on the west coast uncluding: the... more

It's the beginning of a new work week! That means it's Monday, for those of you who are unemployed. Join Vince and guest Kim Jong-un as they discuss the issues of the day. In recent days Vince and his #AntiBaconSec forces formed a... more

Sunday night Vince will be joined by digital activist and computer engineer Gregg Housh. Gregg is best known for participating in the early Anonymous 4chan raids on the Church of Scientology. He was a major player in helping establish... more

TGIFBF!! It's the end of the work week! For those of you who are unemployed, it's Friday. Time to celebrate by going commando with Vince! Tonight it's OPEN RANT RADIO. Release your hate on the air. Open lines. Call in and rant about... more

Start your week off right with Vince in the Bay!! It's Manic Monday. As the world continues to devolve into chaos, at least seems so if you watch the news or Twitter, we try to make sense of it all. Today Peter Ludlow wrote a NYT piece... more

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!! Watch hydro powered funny cars dance thru the gates of Hell!!!!! Tonight Vince welcomes several guests to discuss the week's news headlines and explore the bowels of the Internet. Putin schools Obama on... more
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