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    Episode 5: Growing Up Nintendo feat. You Should Play This Podcast

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    WHEN PODCASTS COLLIDE! Six episodes in and the basement boys have their first crossover with another gaming podcast, You Should Play This! Jeff and James (aka Babomb and Doser) team up with Jack and Casey in this episode, where the freshly founded fearsome foursome talk about growing up with Nintendo. We outline our favorite games, moments, and memories of Nintendo, and predict what the future has in store for the house of Mario. We make a bunch of detours during our discussion, including ranting about the Coleco Chameleon, buying arcade cabinets from grown men in Queens still living with their mothers, and why the hell we still collect and play games from a bygone era. If you enjoyed our guests as much as we did, check them out at youshouldplaythis.com for a great podcast about retro gaming, these guys really know their stuff!  As always, please review and subscribe, the first 50 to do so will win a free t-shirt from Jack’s closet!
    Contact the basement at bftbpodcast@gmail.com
    Music by Dan Morrell danielmorrell@outlook.com
    Artwork by Evan LaMedica evanlamedicaart.deviantart.com

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    Phoenix Palace Podcast Episode 7: Presentation

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    Talking about the Madden NFL 17 Presentation Blog covering commentary, graphics and presentation itself
    SUBSCRIBE HERE - https://www.youtube.com/BlackPhoenixify
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/THEBlackPH03N1X
    Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/blackph03n1x
    Radio show: blogtalkradio.com/phoenixpalacepodcast
    Itunes: Type in Phoenix Palace Podcast to access the content
    Personnel needed for this scheme:
    - Type of QB:
    - Type of RB:
    - Type of WR:
    - Type of TE:
    - Mindset you need for this scheme:
    COMING SOON: (next Playbook in series)
    COMING SOON: (next #AskPhoenix in series)
    http://www.twitch.tv/blackph03n1x Madden NFL 17 Madden NFL 17 Ultimate Team Madden NFL 17 Ranked Matches  Madden NFL 17 Tips
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    Madden NFL 17 (Team) Playbook
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    Madden NFL 17 How to Stop Lob Streaks
    Madden NFL 17 How to Make Coins in MUT
    Madden NFL 17 How To Pass
    Madden NFL 17 How to Stop Aggressive Catches
    Madden NFL 17 Ultimate Team Guide
    Madden NFL 17 Black Phoenix
    Madden NFL 17 BlackPH03N1X
    Madden NFL 17 Labbing
    Madden NFL 17 How To Lab
    Madden NFL 17 New Content
    Madden NFL 17 Blogs

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    Game Reviews With EnforcerRWO

    in Video Games

    Game Review of COD:Ghost

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