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MaY THE nEw YeaR bring all the WiSHes for PeACe and HarMOny poSSible! Am practicing and planning so next year I can offer an informative and enjoyable show for you all!. FREE ZAIYAD YAGHI "Whenever one person is in jail unjustly no one can say they are free." Growing up in Gaza: Learning about Palestine Palestine from the stories of those who are in Gaza, young people from ages 15 to 25 tell their life stories. How is it to grown up in a war zone? How are they affected by the sanctions? What are their hopes and dreams? March to Rediscover America, Columbus Day - October 14, 2014 Demanding a Constitutional Amendment to Overturn the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United v. FEC

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This episode is being edited. The episode will be uploaded within 2 days. Thank you for your patience and for visiting the Vicki Chats Blog Talk Radio website! Nowhere to Run and Nowhere to Hide because we are all Potential Terrorists... more

?We the People? These are the three most powerful words ever penned in the history of mankind. And they are under assault today. Who will rise up and come to their defense? YOU? March to Rediscover America March to Rediscover... more

The American democracy was designed to give the American citizens the power to choose their representatives by using their right to Vote. At the time women and people of African descent were not included so the meaning of... more

Commentary from Vicki Will the human species survive the privatization of weapon arsenals? . . . the United States has become one of those gory and bloody Grimm's Fairy Tales; in the modern day fairy tales though, the big bad... more

Laila Yaghi Fights for her Son's Freedom

Jonathan Maxwell and I will discuss the world after the US elections: Such as - Mississppi Riots & change in taxes . . . tax the wealthy after all? "Until now, Republicans and Fox News have excelled at conjuring alternate realities. But this... more

Yasmin Lulu - Gazan refugee who has been aiding Gaza refugees of the refugee camp here in Jordan. She has recently appeared on the news and is a daughter of a widow who can never return back to Gaza. She wants to tell the world... more

BTR Analyst BostonRed: The Effect of Hurricane Sandy on the 2012 Presidential Elections. Interesting analysis because helps undertand how the American political process function as well as the effect of an extreme weather event.

Turn off the Media Theater that wants you feel fear and to make enemies. People are people, the human race is one species and human nature is a designed within the species and recognizable. Translations for speeches that in fact do not... more
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