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Being an experiment in comparing our culture with what it HAS BEEN, and what it SHOULD BE.

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Lining up for another "Most Hated" award, the Aardvark shows what eee-vil lurks in the hearts of men, what the root is, and why it shows up in your official mail. ALSO: sticks, stones, and the Hilldebeast. Toughening up for the season ahead,... more

An irreligious romp, looking at our culture, its inexorable slide toward destruction, and the fun we can have along the way. This is precisely as dreadful as it sounds, so come along and meet golems, Slendermen, corporate logos, and... more

A discussion about the Russia Ukraine thing, and whatever else pops up.

Being a humble examination of current news frenzies, and how the frenzies are caused by cognitive dissonance brought on by slavish devotion to the untruths spoonfed in the government indoctrination centres K12. In other words, he sure... more

If most conservative talk hosts had held sway during the Revolutionary War, we would be having tea, and tiffin, and God Saving the Queen today. Glenn Beck's love affair with the Indian in diapers, Mahatma Gandhi, illustrates this best.... more

A look at How We Got Here, and why the Almighty cares little about which neck-tie you wear. Hilarity ensues. ALSO: the hypocrisy of whining about popular backing of a "lawless rancher", when the Administration of Choice ignores law at... more

A phantasmagorical journey into advertising oddity, with thanks to Stan Freberg, David Goodman of goodmanshow.com, and our cast of several. I have written and performed our radio spots for years, but was hampered by old-school AM radio... more

A joyous romp, where small con is small, and maybe Scofield got his wrong. Also: Compelling Audio to come!

Being a celebration of nouvelle barbarie, as well as bad impersonations, good impersonations, and Ray Bradbury the prophet. Also, pie. In deference to truth in advertising, I must reveal: There is no pie. Just a stale store-brand vanilla wafer.

Wherein are harrowing Tales of Commerce, the weekend, and blivits of bloviation abounding. Thanks to Micah, my not-my-engineer, who is anyway