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Ute Talk Podcast

Ute Talk Podcast


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Ute Talk Podcast: Providing unbiased opinions on all things Utah Football and Basketball. Join us weekly as we breakdown games and discuss what lies ahead.

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After a few quick hitters, talking about the women's basketball schedule and the awards lists Utes are popping up on, the guys dive right in to the final part of their position preview. Joseph and Grant talk about the LBs, particularly Chase... more

First, the guys touch on Larry K scheduling yet another big name major conference team, further confirming that he has extremely high expectations for this basketball season. Then we move into Joe's numbers, explaining... more

Joe is flying solo today, because Grant is building a happy, successful life for himself. Hurray home ownership! First, Joe breaks down some recent '18 and '19 commits and takes a look at what seems to be a new, more aggressive strategy... more

Plenty to talk about today, and Grant and Joseph start off by touching on Gymnastics and Volleyball before diving into football coverage. Also, Grant nearly pokes his eye out with a microphone so listen for that! Utah has two new... more

Grant and Joseph dive right in to talking football- new NCAA rules, a new commit, and the glorious news that we're about a month away from the start of fall football. Next they move to a discussion of Joseph's 'troll poll'- a telling expose on the... more

Grant and Joseph were all set to cover the Utah media scene this episode, but a huge news day changed the story for the week. Within the span of about 15 minutes, the Runnin' Utes announced a four star commitment and the arrival of... more

Grant and Joseph handle the quick hitters and then dig deep into the news and numbers on the PAC 12 conference. It was a rough season competively for the conference, and that's been followed up by a series of sharply worded articles... more

Welcome to the podcast! Please remember to review us or hit us up directly with any critiques, questions, or topic requests. We start off today with our quick hitters- some Olympic sport news and a bit of time on the excellent playoff... more

Joe and Grant start with a quickrundown of Kuzma's early exit to the season ('sore ankles'. right.), and the Olympic sports and then talk at length about Utah Gymnastics and the upcoming finals competition. We also touch on Utah... more

First, Grant and Joseph hit the olympic sports, cover the Kuzma Watch, and then spend a minute chatting about Gymnastics and the scoring problems in the sport. Then we cover Chris Hill and thank him for his exemplary years of service to... more