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Love is the key to healing. Love is the basis of the universe. Community Love Power is how we establish and continue the conversations that promote community healing. We are covering every topic related to healing, well being, transformation and the keys to Life.

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The United Nation's Goal for Sustainability - Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 are well underway. In fact, "sustainability" is a term many of us use daily. As well, we participate, we recycle, grow lots of our own food, buy and eat "organic" use... more

On our upcoming program, we will look a little more at EMFs - the dangers - the politics and international considerations. We are also examining Pulsed EMFs and their claims for health enhancement and reversal of disease. We look... more

The concern started with the electric current in the walls. And as the technology increases, so do concern and biological effects. This week the 5G Summit appeared online. It will be rebroadcast for 24 hours beginning September 7. Join... more

On our upcoming program, we will be rebroadcasting in it's entirety the previous program. Due to a technical glitch, the broadcast was not heard. We will be exploring Nervines 102, as we look at 3 simple nervine formulas. We are... more

Nervous exhaustion, Nervous breakdown, stress, PTSD/S, ADD/ADHD, The Spectrum, Bipolar Disorder, emotional illiteracy and behavioral and all mental disorders, as well as all nervous sytsem anomalies, like Parkinson's etc. are... more

Our upcoming program explores nutritional and physical tools that support our mental and emotional wellbeing and our emotional literacy. We will be focusing intensely on the spleen/pancreas connection and important nutrients and... more

Tonight we are examining the long-term affects of childhood trauma and continuing to look at solutions. We have moved from entheogens to organizations that provide professional and lay training and capacity building. Many of these... more

In our upcoming episode, we will be concluding our exploration of Psilocybin with Kilindi Iyi (recorded - not live), looking at Iboga and Ibogaine with a Bwiti Shaman (recorded - not live), and exploring the Ibogaine experience. From there we look... more

It's time for Your Community Science Class! On today's Community Love Power Experience, we continue the exploration of Emotional Literacy and Mental Health. On last's week's experience, we defined emotional literacy, looked at many... more

In our first episode of our 2019 series, we are explloring the connection between mental health, emotional literacy and the overall health and wellbeing of our lives. There has been little research on mental health literacy in Black... more