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two raw four tv

two raw four tv


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...because the revolution will NOT be televised

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11 years ago so much was different. You could walk guilt free around your neighborhood supermarket without a surgical mask. You could actually post uncomfortable truths on your social media without being "checked" by fictional facts. You could be free, to a degree, well unless you were accused of anything, then you may become forced into state sanctioned corporate slavery. 11 years ago private prisons were a booming industry and investment. The #GeoGroup was as popular as #Bitcoin and many people were buying into legal slavery but 1 man was determined to stop them. Next #2RAW4TV while other freedoms have seemed to fade the once thriving private prison industry is barely surviving and it's near death state can be traced back to an international initiative and ultimately back to 1 man. We will be talking to #abolitionist, poet, and man on a mission @maxparthas on the day that will ultimately be known as the date slavery died. MARCH FORTH: HOW 1 MAN ON A MISSION HAS NEARLY KILLED LEGALIZED SLAVERY. Join us as we watch legal slavery take its last breath. 3/4 11pm est CALL IN 5164539174 #THEREVOLUTIONWILLNOTBETELEVISED #3STEPSTOENDRACISMRIGHTNOW #BlackWorld180 #BlackWholeEffect #CMXD #privateprisons #13thamendment #BlackDivinity #BlackSupremacy #BLACKRULINGCLASS #IFYOUHEARMYVOICETHENYOUREPARTOFTHEREVOLUTION #2RAW4TV
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The time for pale power rulership is over. Since the ending of chattel slavery Black people have pined for pink people to guide them through this nightmare now known as America. While Black people are waking up and taking up the... more

Right now you can live in fear or you can live as God. What is your level of awareness, preparedness, and readiness? Mainstream mayonnaise media tries it's best to induce terror without solutions. Putting out information is one... more

Add "being Black while jogging" as one America's worst excuses to execute Black men. On Feburary 23rd in Brunswick, Georgia a gang of failed pale males including father and son trolls, Gregory and Travis McMichael, cowardly killed... more

As soon as America was hit with a pandemic the government showed exactly what industries, businesses, and programs they deemed #essential and what they felt was not. Churches were told to shutdown, segments of law enforcement... more

Bill Gates tried it. After inflated numbers came out about the dead left behind #covid19 Bill Gates and his #WHO organization thought that mandatory vaccines and vaccination papers would be a new staple of American life... until it didn't... more

We all saw what happened in high definition. After falsely claiming an escaped "Nigerian" who tested positive for #coronavirus was starting a new wave of the disease, #racism elevated quickly. Chinese land lords, law enforcement, and... more

#Coronavirus has everybody showing their true colors (or lack thereof). Ever since the pandemic started the media has been trying to put a Black face on this ailment. You had Black celebrities and athletes that supposedly caught it while... more

The demented idea of "America" depends on daily slave labor to feed off the energy. Finally the question "what would a day without Black people be like?" Is answered. During this pandemic everything has come to a grinding halt. The old... more

We all want the ability to travel the internet at high speeds. Being able to download music faster than an eye blinks, playing your favorite game without pause, endless information streaming, that all is an optimum online experience,... more

Like God's hammer, it struck the Earth with a vengeance. It started in China then spread to the 4 corners of the globe faster then striking lightning. Nobody was prepared for this infection. In response to the mass and sudden death every... more