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two raw four tv

two raw four tv


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...because the revolution will NOT be televised

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There is arguably no one being that has brought more Black people into higher conciousness than Malcolm X. His riveting speech delivery, persistent focus, and militant charisma inspired millions, if not more, and still does. He was once jailed and considered a criminal but the power of his words influenced world leaders, actors, and sports greats like boxing champion #MuhammedAli. So when he was shot down and killed so savagely at a mosque by supposed fellow muslims the world mourned. They blamed the #NOI whose leadership, at the time, were openly at odds with Malcolm. A lot of the rhetoric before and after his death seemed to corroborate that belief. But was it the truth? Next #2RAW4TV we will reveal what really happened to Malcolm and how a deathbed confession has shattered the false narrative eagerly spewed by mayonaisse media minions and reveals the true depth of the #racewar against Black people. THE #MALCOLMX MURDER MYSTERY AND WHY IT MATTERS MORE THAN EVER. Also we will discuss #CMXD worldwide celebrations plus so much more. This broadcast is too important to miss. Set your alarms, mark your calendars, and join us 2/25 11PM EST CALL IN 5164539174 #therevolutionwillnotbetelevised #3STEPSTOENDRACISMRIGHTNOW #ProphetRohvet #louisfarrakhan #10000fearless #cointelpro #BlackWholeEffect #BlackDivinity #BlackSupremacy #BLACKRULINGCLASS #IFYOUHEARMYVOICETHENYOUREPARTOFTHEREVOLUTION #2RAW4TV
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Is it ego? Is it warped tribalism? Is it #racism, money, pride, or something far more insidious? WHAT IS STOPPING BLACK PEOPLE FROM WORKING TOGETHER? Next #2RAW4TV we discuss and dissect this question and bring... more

Every time you turn on the news they are lying to you. Whether it be the scores of sick #covid19 patients flooding the emergency rooms or #kamalaharris imaginary Black support, the mayonnaise media can't help but to fib. Maybe some... more

#2NITE Can you see what's happening? Nazis, skin heads, and pink power terrorists are masquerading as #blacklivesmatter activists to commit violence and anarchy in big cities. Meanwhile, #MAGA hat wearing #racists are shooting at... more

Time after time we see how acceptable racially motivated violence against Black people is to America. Trayvon Martin was a teenager when he was shot and killed for going to the store with a hoodie on. His killer is still free.... more

Some say #BLM is tearing the nation apart. That these fiery protests are straining the already strained racial tension and bringing pink people's temper tantrums to a fever pitch. Be afraid of the impending and elusive "#whiterage" to follow. Some... more

What is the difference between a Black cop and a pink police officer? Since the beginning of this corporation called America Black people have been the strongest hands in armed groups against thier own self interest. Black people were... more

#2NITE #pink rage is boiling. Everyday you hear about #racist pink power terrorist shooting "rioters" and random Black people. Cold blooded murder reclassified as vigilantism. As if they are ordained by white jesus to save this sinking ship called... more

Most Black people aren't going to vote and they shouldn't. There is absolutely no reason that you feel you should or should feel pressured to do so. There is no one with our absolute interest in mind. Both of the promoted parties want a world... more

Which distraction will you choose today? Will it be political, Jim Crow Joe and his Black anti Black running mate? Will it be entertainment, a #versuz battle between two 90's rappers or what #WAP stands for? Will it be the millions infected (on... more

All over the world rings of child agraphers, human traffickers, and pedophiles are being broken up, discovered, and detained. There's a road of dead child actors that leads straight to #Hollyweird's biggest producers, film makers,... more