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We must be our best, not only for us, but our children. There is so many programs, agendas, and pitfalls that is thrown at Black children that the adults around them can't be just strong, but #superhuman. Our children don't deserve dysfunction, broken promises, and inconsistencies. OUR CHILDREN DESERVE CHAMPIONS: SELF ACTUALIZATION TO THE HIGHEST POTENTIAL. Next #2RAW4TV we will raise your child to God in one night. If you are at your best then your child will follow naturally. Be your best you and join us 10-24-19 11PM EST CALL IN 5164539174 blogtalkradio.com/tworawfourtv #therevolutionwillnotbetelevised #SelfActualization #knowthyself #ChildCare #Yoga #Maat #BlackDivinity #BlackSupremacy #2raw4tvdashow?? #ifyouhearmyvoicethenyourepartoftherevolution
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Botham Jean was violently murdered in #racist vengeance attack led by terrorist police officer, #AmberGuyer. His (Botham Jeans) brother never met the person that killed his brother until he saw her in court. Instead of asking "why"... more

It's always has been more then a game. Gamers live vicariously through digital characters, accumulating points, acquiring "experience", then taking it to the next level. What if I told you that you can apply the same gaming methodologies to... more

Don't talk, just listen. Before you smell the smoke coming from plantation homes being lit on fire. Before the first sword hit rips the chest flesh of the enemy. Even before they knew war was upon them, you would here the bold beat of the... more

What does it mean to be gang stalked? Have you ever had the weird feeling that someone is following you? Everyday you seem to see the same people watching your routine. They are shadowing your every step. They are invading... more

It's getting more dangerous by the moment as America crumbles. The elites are losing control of the minds of Black people so they have increased the violence as a way to distract Blacks from liberation. One of leading causes of death... more

In the 1990s pharmaceutical companies conned a population of pinks into believing that prescription opiods were safe and non-addictive. Twenty nine years later drug overdoses have become the leading cause of death in the country,... more

How do you think of yourself? Are you a job title? Does the totality of your being exist in the realm of being a brother, lover, sister, friend? What is in a name except limitations? These ideas are perameters around a social structure built... more

What is your child learning? Most parents only see their children 1/3 of the day. For the other 2/3 they are at school while you are retaining resources. After you get off work they may or may not share their homework, lessons that have... more

Entertainers are not leaders. During the early nineties many record companies, floundering due to low record sales, went into a evil alliance with the private prison industry. People (especially Black people) were getting arrested... more

Rarely is anything actually as it seems. Recently, influential investment banker and billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein, was apprehended at an airport by police for a litany of deviant sexual charges including sex trafficking. He was alleged to be... more