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This new and exciting program deals with the everyday challenges of living a holy lifestyle in the Christian faith.

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Join us as we further discuss the wicked transgender movement and how churches are divided over the homosexual issue. DON'T MISS!

Obama is trying to force schools to allow so called transgender students to use the bathroom of the gender THEY identify with.We must take a stand now against this perversion and blasphemy!

Obama has ordered that North Carolina's bathroom bill be considered in violation of the civil rights of so called transgenders. Judge Roy Moore is suspended for fighting same sex marriage in Alabama. Why are preachers so silent and afraid... more

Join us as we break down how Obama, Hillary Clinton and their minions are on a mission from Satan to destroy Christianity through their support of the SUBHUMAN LGBT movement via legislation. Don't miss!

Transgenders are still trying to get bathroom rights. Fake Christians and coward politicians are bowing to the Godless LGBT movement. Why aren't preachers standing on the Bible? In addition does it matter what version of the Bible you... more

A study claims half of men carry a so called gay gene. A young man writes an open letter to his ex church refusing to repent of his homosexual behavior. What has happened to Christian America?

Join us as we break down false teachers like Pope Francis who are lying on God and compromising his word.

North Carolina is under great fire from the LGBT community because they won't bow to their demands. The coward Governor of Georgia gave in to the Lesbian mafia. What has happened to Christian America?

Easter, like Christmas, is a pagan heathen holiday parading as a Christian festival. Many celebrate it but are ignorant of the evil history of Easter. Good Friday IS A LIE because Jesus died on a Thursday. Join us as we expose the... more

Transgender Day in a school in England. Pastors supporting same sex marriage. Coward fake Christians are running and hiding but Prophet Bishop H. Walker is boldly defending the faith! Plus Tyler Perry and Fox News is promoting The... more