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A radio station where the truth of The Lord Jesus is being exalted and plainly set forth, and not a man or a man made organization. We are living in an age where the Church has been turned upside-down and mirrors the world more then it does its Creator and Savior. True Church Radio is seeking to turn the Church right side up and call it to an authentic walk in the Spirit.

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The staments by the leader of Hillsong, Brian Houston, claiming that the God of the Jews, Christians and muslim is the same god, his covering for his dad in a gross act of sexual misconduct with a little boy, and now his blatant lie and... more

There is a spirit of antichrist that has been at work since the time of the apostles and is working harder today then ever beofre. A study on the person and character of Satan will help the christian soldier to reconzie this spirt of antichrist... more

If there were many antichrist in John's day how many vant around in our day? {John 2:18} The sad reality is that those that are of the antichrist spirit are demeed as being of Christ. Despite the many warnings that Jesus and His... more

The gospel that the apotles preaced is very different from the modern western gospel. In this message titled "The Aposolic Gospel", we will see the original gospel that Paul preached to the church in Colosse.

Many that claim the Holy name of the only begotten Son Of God, Jesus Christ, are activly seeking out , and while many so called "Christian Leaders" are calling them "Christians" the Holy Writ says otherwise. It's not a loving act to give... more

The fact that Josh McDowell or any other christian leader to say that a chrisitian seeks after is down right insane, and to host a confrence to help leaders combat the problem is a clear sign of APOSTASY. The scriptures give no hope to... more

Jesus made it clear, that a good tree can't produce evil fruit and an evil tree can't produce good fruit. {Matthw 7:16-19} This is the best way to discern if the music that you are listening to is from The LORD or from the enemy.

Is it possible to have christian rock or christian rap? Jesus firmly declated, "that a corrupt tree brings forth evil fruit." With that said, it makes it very easy to discern what is from the Spirit of Truth and what comes form the spirit of error. Every... more

Jesus commanded His Church, "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in hte name of the Father, and the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: TEACHING them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and lo, I am with... more

The New Testament has many passages that should stike the fear of The LORD in a believers heart. However, many false teachers are proclaiming peace and safety, thus removing the sting of these passages that were given for the very... more