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TRADING 4s Drs Modeste and Wes

TRADING 4s with Drs. Modeste & Wes


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What can the jazz process tell us about life: education, democracy, business, government, culture? Get in on the rhythm as Jackie Modeste, Ph.D. and Wesley J. Watkins, IV, Ph.D. trade fours on topics beyond the bandstand with special guests from around the globe. Dr. Modeste is an educator and founder of The Global Roundhouse, a boutique consulting firm that specializes in educational products. (http://theglobalroundhouse.com). “Dr. Wes” is Founder of The Jazz & Democracy Project® (http://www.jazzanddemocracy.com). Opening music: “Creole” by Etienne Charles from the album “Creole Soul” https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/creole/id660418377?i=660418379 Closing music: “The Folks” by Etienne Charles from the album “Creole Soul” https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-folks/id660418377?i=660418380 More at www.etiennecharles.com

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Trade Fours with us Friday, August 29, 2014, (11AMET/8AMPT) as we review recent shows. Topics will include: jazz education; transforming the learning environment; the tempo of learning; and community development through... more

How do we develop resilience in adolescents? What elements of Hip-Hop culture are empowering youth? What's the state of mental health amongst our youth? How do we work effectively at the intersection of youth development and... more

What behaviors optimize teamwork? How do jazz musicians manage risk? Where and how do improvisation and innovation differ? On Friday, August 15, 2014, we'll trade fours with the founder of Jazz Impact, Michael Gold. Download a copy of... more

What's the relationship between singing and collaborating? When do lyrics end and scatting begin? How do vocalists integrate into instrumental bands? On Friday August 8, 2014, we'll trade fours with Vocalist Rhonda Benin. Rhonda's... more

What's creole music and how is it important in jazz? How does the banjo preserve tradition and contribute to musical innovation? What's the role of collective improvisation in jazz? On Thursday, July 31, 2014, we'll trade fours with Don... more

What can the jazz process tell us about life? How can jazz be a model for education and better business practices? In what ways can jazz help us become better listeners, leaders, innovators, and collaborators? Each Friday at 11AM... more

How can lessons from band class impact traditional academic learning environments? How does having a professional musician lead band class impact the learning environment? What role does jazz play in building character? On... more

Education & Business Double Header: How can jazz musicians help improve urban education? In what ways can teacher training be modified to better prepare educators for the challenges of urban classroom environments? Dr. Joshua... more

How are jazz and contemporary music similar, different? How do we train music students to become successful entrepreneurs? In what ways can music education enrich the study of academic disciplines? In November 2013, we traded... more

How does empathy create communities? In what ways has jazz education changed over the decades? How are jazz and contemporary music similar/dissimilar? How does the Common Core impact the learning... more
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