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Tracey Winbush


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Up to the minute current events and local. Discussing social, and political issues. Concentrating on the issues affecting the United States of American from a Mid West Eastern Ohio viewpoint.

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Sound the Alarm, It's time for America to Wake up and Smell the Coffee. We ar not in Kansas anymore. Call in and Voice your Views 516-595-8258

Bombings, Immigration, Economy, Oil Sanctions, Earthquakes, so why are the majors only talking about the Muller Report and Impeachment? What don't they want us to see behind the scenes? Call in and voice your views - 516-595-8258

When is enough? When do we take America back from the so called Progressives? Call in and Voice your Views 516-595-8258

We are seldom given factual information to make good decisions. Where do you get your information? How do you know it was good information? is Critical thinking still important? Call in and Voice your Views 516-595-8258

It is amazing what people think they know, What people know, and what they have not idea they should know. Let's Talk 516-595-8258

Who governs America Now? Is it the American Public? Is it You? In a Representative Republic who is governing? Will American's open their eys and see that they have been SOLD OUT?

Ingnorance is no excuse and toay we need to be pressing for better and best in our policies, social issues, and leadership. Lets talk about the real issues of the day. Call in and Voice your Views 516-595-8258

Call in and Voice your Views 516-595-8258

Join in the conversation 516-595-8258

Bobb Barr AG is being grilled by congress, Democrats demand the president's tax returns, and 18 democrats running for President are seeing who can best emulate Karl Marx. All this while 100000 people attempt illegal entry into the country.