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Tom on Leadership

Tom on Leadership


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Alaina Love describes how you can do what she's done in Making HR More Strategic. As the head of a family business, then a researcher at Merck, she was perfectly positioned to move into Merck's HR department as a change agent... more

There's a business revolution coming, believes management guru and author John Bernard. He wants you to be ready for it. It's called "Managing in the NOW." Executing in the NOW means that "every employee can act on every... more

For some professionals the way to get business is to be well known and trusted. How do you build that reputation? We ask Pam Coates, who helps professionals do exactly that.

CEOs have to deal with difficult people all the time -- and sometimes they themselves are the difficult ones. What are some proven ways to deal with difficult people? I interview Pamela Cournoyer, founder, CEO of Communicate with... more

Most of us set plenty of goals, but very few of them get achieved. For example, 85% of New Year’s Resolutions fail within 3 months. To truly achieve our goals we need to radically change how we set them, says Mark Murphy in... more

The CEO must know enough about Organizational Development to either do it, or delegate it intelligently and oversee it. A great resource for that is Steven Balzac's new book, "The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course in Organizational Development."

Written from the perspective of a dog, this book explores ways to unleash potential and create success in ways humans can take into action. Co-author Patrick Galvin is the chief galvanizer of Galvin Communications, a word of... more

I interview Mark Paul, an expert at attracting more customers. He's the author of "How to Attract More Customers in Good Times and Bad." His firm is Synergy Consulting.

Advice for CIOs: "How to Jump Up the Value Chain and Earn the Trust of the rest of the Executive Team." I interview former CIO and consultant Bill Speir to answer these questions: 1. Why would a CEO trust the CIO enough to involve them in... more

Part 2 on Patents: Many CEOs have patents in their asset mix, yet may not be using them to best strategic advantage. Others have options to acquire patent rights. How can a CEO best evaluate the strategic value of a patent, and how... more
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