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"A discerning welcome to all who desire to join us on our Sunday goto meeting online church service to assist us in aspiring to do what is right!" We share ET for extraterrestrials to serve as humanoids. We know various levels of... more

ACO Club - TJ, Richard Marci - Psychic Channel Network - Talk Shows Live Guest Call in-347-945-7207. The ACO ET Spirit Guide shares the Universal Life Coaches for planning 2021. We are forming teams for our practitioners on... more

Richard T Knight & Marci Kosich join Theresa J Morris, aka TJ Thurmond Morris.TJ Morris dba ACO and ACIR Radio has American Communications Online Community on Patreo regarding audio and video productions. in 2021.... more

Theresa J Morris, Author of Ascension Age 2012 & Beyond. We will invite those who are practitioners to our inner circle of light for sharing the Ascension Age Awakening, We are on the other side of 20/20 Hindsight. We are building up... more

Ascension Church Ohana - Ascension Age Movement - Ancient Wisdom and New Thought Teachings as a movement after the New Age. We accept extraterrestrials and "Do No Harm". We are about unconditional love. We are... more

Metaphysical Spiritual Science Philosophy Ascension Church Ohana is about spiritual awakening in this the Ascension Age. Spirit Science has Pastors. Ascension Age Masters who understand near death experiences and universal... more

Richard T. Knight shares his information and some experiences. Richard goes by Dr. Rick and Pastor RIck. We will hope to assist in Saturdays topics dealing with angels, spirits, ghosts, and apparitions. We will invite investigatorss and... more

We are sharing Paranormal Anomalies, Ghosts, Mental Phenomena, Paranormal Groups RIchard T Knight, TJ Morris, and SW Paranormal Groups

Theresa J Morris also known as TJ Morris ET Spirit Guide, invites RIchard T Knight , Valdosta GA, to meet Theresa J Morris, GUlf Breeze, FL to share in our Psychic Channel Network. We will take 1 question for mini-readings among our... more

Ascension Conscious Experiences of the Spiritually Awakened. ACE Metaphysical Institute will be accepting friends who would like to share in "Spiritual Growth Classes". Next Phase of Development 3D to 5D to 5 levels of... more
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