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UFO Association Book 1 Ep. 3 Jan Aldrich, Theresa J Morris - ACO Historians

  • Broadcast in Paranormal
Theresa J Morris

Theresa J Morris


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Jan Aldrich has been interested in phenomena since his discovery of balls of lightning. In 1960 he joined NICAP and met certain people in Washington, D.C. who became high profile names in Ufology. He began assisting Investigators for NICAP and wanted to be involved and has been considered a well-known Author, Researcher, Writer, Owner Project1947.com. Jan has been collecting newspaper articles, and sharing files with those in CSI, APRO, CUFOS, NICAP and travelled the USA and places in the world while in the Military. Jan spent 50 years in government service. Jan is a serious Historian and Ufologist and knows most all the names in the UFO Community who are serious collectors of information based on the origins of UFO Stories in this world. Jan has agreed to share his LIFE STORY and how he plans on ARCHIVING online. Theresa J Morris became aware of  NASA through her first husband  and he and she were actively recruited while still in high school in Houston, Texas in 1967. Theresa became an Investigator, private, legal then joined the military and government service and is now retired. Theresa has shared books on Amazon and Lulu and now since 2012 has shared radio shows and archiving information to promote free speech,  life, death, origins of the universe researchers. Theresa wrote for UFO Digest since 2007 and now has many of her own magazines after being a journalist and newspaper reporter. Now, Theresa shares her time by invitation only into the ACO Association and UFO Association and sponsors ShamanPeople.com and shares AscensionCenter.Net with Dr. Alex Lessin and Janet Kira Lessin of Hawaii.s offers shows for book authors. American Communications Online .com  is shared by TJ Morris Agency has been sharing TJ Morris ET Radio archives under Brand TJ Morris ET Radio. ACIRRadio.com. TJMorrisETRadio.com. Edward Snowden mentioned on this archive. Scottine f Taylorsville, Mississippi talks of possible do involved with aliens.10/29/19.