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There are a lot of excellent videos and good information out there on how to train your body. So, my goal is to challenge the fitness between your ears. Fact is, if you were to tap into this innate intelligence you would already have a resident personal trainer and medical adviser on staff.

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We tend to think of our sports heroes as super heroes. But often, they don't even measure up to mortal men... For example, one would have to go back to the days of the Negro Baseball Leagues, in the 1920's, to find a single... more

There are people out there, millions of them in fact, who are terrified of making food and dietary choices for themselves. They don't eat sugar, because, of course, we know how awful that stuff is. They won't eat bread or any kind of... more

I've had clients who were hundreds of pounds over-weight, and because they were brutally honest with themselves and me, met all their fitness goals over time. I've also had clients who were only a few pounds over-weight but blamed the... more

The ancient Greeks believed in three goddesses, more powerful than any others. Sometimes they were depicted as a maiden, a matron, and an old hag. Three days after a child was born, they would arrive at the cradle to determine the... more

As I began to study this philosophy called Veganism it struck me as strange how people, on the one hand, could be so passionate about the rights of animals, while on the other, could be so utterly dogmatic and ideologically irrational... more

In 1974, the Swedish Government introduced the first food pyramid. The goal was to educate the populace on the optimal number of servings to be eaten each day from each of the basic food groups. Nearly two decades later, in 1992,... more

Whether we want to admit it or not most of the time we live inside our heads where we are the main character. Everything we experience is through this lens of Me-ism. We like to think of ourselves as free, open-minded thinkers, but in... more

When you listen to the life stories of centenarians, for example, besides walking and dancing, you seldom hear anything about a workout or a fitness regimen. If you listen very carefully, you will hear seeds being planted. See, they... more

Why do people age so differently? Why are some people mentally sharp, energetic, and still excited about life while other people, much younger, are sick, exhausted all the time, inflamed, and always foggy? What's going on? Sure, we... more

Most people are afraid to talk honestly about their health because they have been sold on the idea that they could lose it at any moment. If they lost their fitness they could simply go back to the gym or the track. But where do you go... more