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"Through The Darkness" w Christine Corda and Rev Frank Martino


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"Kiss Me I'm Psychic Radio" began in 2010 as a small BTR show. We have come a long way since then branching out to other internet radio shows finding our home of the last 2 years on Revolution Radio.as well as right here on BTR. I Christine have changed in many ways a work in progress and have left the 'psychic readings' to encourage people to grow, discern and empower themselves through God. I will still use my gifts that god has given me to help others who find themselves in situations of darkness...paranormal activity and demonic infestation or God forbid oppression or obsession. I read and sense energies and if there are intrusions. I have begun "through The Darkness Ministries" A labor of love many years in the making. Rev Frank Martino began West Indies Missions in the 1970s and has traveled extensively to Haiti over the years both to help the poor and to work within the communities of people who are suffering spiritually. His understanding of demonology and hauntings his years of deliverance and clearings makes him one of the most powerful Demonologists and clergy who has helped many people who are suffering from any form of dark energy. His wisdom is vast and his heart is huge for love of God and his people. OUR mission~ We want to bring about the truth...the truth in understanding the energies around us..the strength from understanding what other people and situations are about. There is so much confusion hurt and darkness around us when we learn we ALL can grasp the light from within connecting with God in ways we never imagined. This becomes our empowerment. Being able to 'discern' means much more then telling others what their future holds, being gifted is about self empowerment learning to connect with God and to recognize the gifts we have been given. We investigate. We seek to sense what is happening to those people who's lives are in upheaval. and people are haunted, what th

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Melissa Watts is a noted hypnotherapist and an expert in past-life regression, having served hundreds of clients across the country. She is the author of the new book,c and founder of The Enlightened Pathways Healing Center in Scarsdale,... more

When we use our Psychic abilities we connect on all different energetic levels..human..inhuman ..environmental .etc .if we absorb too much of the negative energy it can wreak havoc on our lives,, our relationships,,our health.... more

Tonight we are back after a short absence and we will be talking about Conspiracy theories. From the lone Gunman,,,to 9/11.to a two party Monopoly. How much do our votes really count.? To our own concerns with... more

On this show I will be letting you all know what is up and coming on our shows for June and July! Having had to take a leave of absence for personal reasons we are now back and we will have some of our best shows ever this summer! Kiss... more

Author, researcher William Lester has written extensively on a variety of subjects ranging from American History to the UFO phenomena. Tonight we will be talking with him about his new book "JFK The New Frontier" The book explores these... more

SoulHealer, Dr. Rita Louise, PhD, ND is the founder of the Institute of Applied Energetics and the host of Just Energy Radio. A Naturopathic Physician and a 20-year veteran in the Human Potential Field, it is her unique gift as a medical... more

This afternoon will welcome Fr Bob Bailey who has appeared on A&Es Paranormal State as well as other Paranormal TV shows. His knowledge is invaluable for Paranormal Investigators and today he shares some of that with... more

Join us tonight as we welcome Terri Jay, The Messenger www.terrijay.com Terri Jay enjoys a solid reputation as an intuitive, medium and animal communicator. She is also renowned as a medical and veterinary intuitive. She regularly... more

Tonight Christine will be doing Tarot readings for callers,,not an avid or practiced tarot reader certainly not "By the book".Christine will be doing this as an intuitive Tarot reader. This will be with the Rider Waite Deck Call in 347-637-1441

Tonight we will be exploring animal guides. At times I pick up on animal spirit guides around people,,this happening in spite of my having no knowledge of animal guides..so tonight call in and I will see what I sense around you as far as... more
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