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This week I am pleased to have as my guest Stan Gordon, a seasoned expert on the paranormal. Stan has been involved in the field for years. Most of his research is centered in Pennsylvania, and that's my home so it is with extra... more

It is a great honor to have on my show Phil Imbrogno this week. Phil has been in the field for decades. He might be most well known for his investigation into the Hudson Valley UFO flap but Phil has ranged far and wide in his career. What... more

I'm very happy to have Jeff Wamsley on the show for more talk on the Mothman enigma. Jeff is the author of "Mothman; Behind the Red Eyes", and co-author of "Mothman; the Facts Behind the Legend". He is also heavily involved in the... more

This show should be great. Peter Levenda author of the amazing series "Sinister Forces" that chronicles so much of the sinister beneath the facade of American history. Peter also has written a book on the Freemasons recently and has been... more

Andy Colvin "the Mothman's photographer" returns for an ides of March special. We will be discussing more on the paranormal, strange events and synchronicities. Maybe some Mothman and Men in Black too. Find his works at... more

I'm proud to have Michael Cremo as a guest today to discuss his new book "The Forbidden Archeologist" and the pre-history of man. He can be found here: and of course more

Greg Bishop, author of "Project Beta" the story of Paul Bennewitz and intelligence agency manipulation joins the show for 2 hours of talk. Greg also founded the magazine "The Excluded Middle", which is now online at... more

I'm happy to have Taunia here to discuss her remembrances of her dad Woody and his and her experiences with Indrid Cold, the "alien from Lanulos". Remember that Indrid appeared in West Virginia at the same time as the Mothman... more

Happy to have as my guest Christopher Knowles of the "Secret Sun" blog: Chris has done amazing work in delving into the maelstrom of pop culture and modern mythology and finding connections and... more

I'm happy to have Kris Millegan who has been known to me for many years now from way back in the 90's. I first got involved with Kris on the Conspiracy Theory Research List or CTRL back then. It's still around too, a mainstay in the field.... more