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I first came to know of Mr. Price from his voluminous work as editor of "Cthulhu Mythos" stories and collections. I am a huge fan of all of Lovecraft's stories and virtually all the derivative stuff from the original Lovecraft Circle on through to... more

Most everybody will be familiar with Acharya S. and her controversial work. The Mythicist Position has been featured in her works and in the Internet hit film "Zeitgeist". Basically she argues that religions, including Christianity started on... more

Xaviant Haze joins us this week to discuss the suppressed history of the USA. The tale is told in his book, co-written with Paul Schrag: The Suppressed History of America; The Murder of Meriwether Lewis and the Mysterious Discoveries... more

I am very happy to have Dave McGowan as my guest this week. He is infamous for his work on the Laurel... more

We will be discussing the conspiracies around who was Shakespeare? What really happened to Kurt Cobain? The mysterious death of Edgar Allan Poe. And what really happened with the Lindbergh baby? Maybe some other things if we... more

Solaris Blueraven is a fascinating person with an incredible tale of mind control and psycho-tronic harassment at the hands of the band RUSH. She works hard to expose MK-ULTRA type mind control programs. You can find a video of her... more

I am pleased to have as my guest Hank Albarelli author of "A terrible Mistake". The story of Frank Olson, MK-ULTRA, chemical and biological weapons research and the CIA's covert research programs. Find out about the book here:... more

How can you begin to give an adequate introduction to someone with the background of Linda Moulton Howe? She is an award winning producer and reporter perhaps most famous for her work into cattle mutilation and their... more

I am very pleased to have Tracy Twyman who is a respected researcher in the field of esoterica. She has done magazine work, written numerous books, and radio. Her latest work is "Money grows on the Tree of Knowledge" on the occult... more

Kenn Thomas makes his triumphant return (Kenn had some medical issues that kept him out of the interview arena for a while) to my show. Kenn is one of my favorite researchers and is a legend in the field of para-politics. He worked with... more