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The Segregationist Papers

The Segregationist Papers


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The Segregationist Papers is a podcast designed to take a critical look at the black collective post integration. The goal of the cast is to assess whether or not a segregationist approach is needed to develop a code of conduct and empowerment mindset for the global melanoid family. Singular commentary as well as interviews with people that embody the empowerment mindset will challenge us to solve our own problems and raise the bar of our culture for years to come.

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Gentrification is one of the most benign forms of genocide. It's can actually be classified as economic genocide. The vibrant, cultured hoods of creativity and expression are now being replaced with skinny jeans, coffee shops, and craft... more

What is a person if he/she doesn’t have a code to live by? A code of conduct is one of the most recognizable features of a well-functioning culture and group. What is our code of conduct as melanated people? I’m hard pressed to say that... more

The mind is a terrible thing to waste….or so we're told. How can that be true when mental health is not emphasized in the black community? Where have we gone wrong when it comes to matters of the mind? There's a legacy... more

How many of you have left your block? City? State? Region? Country? There's a huge world out there to see and it does you no good to kick around the same six streets all of your life. Today we talk to Stefan Grant of Noirbnb.com about the... more

Control is vital to your success in any endeavor. Do we as black people have a problem with controlling our emotions? Do we jump at every little thing put in front of us? Our guest Ali Shakur thinks so and he's here to help you understand... more

Today's guest is Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter. We discuss second amendment rights, protecting our economic centers, and the AR-15- no it's not an assault rifle. Check his social media and website affiliations below. Follow Maj on Twitter:... more

In today's episode I will be interviewing Doe Doobs of Hotep Nation. We'll discuss his book, his affinity for Currensy's music, as well as what it's like to have a garden in a row home. After all, a black fist isn't complete without a green... more

Today's episode discusses the debasing process of black people that was used in chattel slavery. The mental, physical, and spiritual debasing that took place must be reversed in order for black people to rise from their current... more

Melanin, the thing that makes us all racially different, but we have no knowledge of it. Our melanin is being destroyed because we view ourselves as white, the group with the least amount of melanin and no urgency to nurture it. What is it?... more

This cast talks about the levels of wokeness via Dr. William Cross's Nigrescence Model. It explores all 5 phases of wokeness through this model and what it means for the black collective.