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The Right Voice is the right place to discuss the pressing national and global issues that impact us all. Host Adrienne Ross uses this platform to speak out, inviting others to do the same.

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Tuesday is Super Tuesday. By now, most have seen, heard, and researched enough to know the candidate they are supporting for president. On Tuesday, guests will make a case for their candidate of choice--Republican and... more

It's time for more table talk. As always, on this special edition on the last Tuesday of the month, guest co-host Kristi King will join me. In segment 1, our panel will use personal experiences to address stereotypes and insults of "sell-out" and... more

A message of empowerment, not victimhood, is what this culture needs. It's what is sorely needed within the black community in particular. The left continues to push victimhood, as if doing so is doing blacks favors. Democratic presidential... more

Some black conservatives are adamantly anti-Black History Month. Jerome Hudson is a Breitbart News columnist, political analyst, and social commenter. He covers issues of race in our culture, and he will be one of our guests to weigh in... more

This particular broadcast delves into an appropriate topic for Groundhog Day in light of the Bill Murray movie, in which his character relived the same day over and over. Is this where we are in this 2016 election cycle? Donald Trump has... more

Some former Sarah Palin supporters are disappointed or angry that she endorsed Donald Trump for president and have taken to bashing her. This behavior certainly speaks volumes about character, not hers--theirs. I have a message for... more

It's time for some table talk. The last Tuesday of each month, guest co-host Kristi King will join me, and we will welcome at least one other guest to discuss several topics in news and politics. Jackie Siciliano will join us at the table this... more

During last week's Republican presidential debate, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump sparred over Cruz's assertion that Trump "embodies New York values." Cruz went on to explain the negative nature of those values. Were Cruz's... more

As we prepare to celebrate Martin Luther King Day next Monday, it's a good time to assess where we are with Dr. King's dream. Have we achieved it? Are we closer? Might we be further away? Breitbart News columnist Jerome Hudson, an... more

Stephen K. Bannon, Breitbart News Network's executive chairman and Sarah Palin: The Undefeated writer and director will join me on the air to discuss the late Andrew Breitbart, how the fast-growing online outlet has advanced Andrew's... more