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Throwing a monkey Wrench into the plans of The New World Order And the Socialist Left!

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As we do our last show before Hiatus there is MUCH to talk about. The "Collusion Delusion" is DEAD and with it many libs are emotionally as well. From Rachael Madcow's tears on air to Chrissy Thrill up the leg Matthews and his frothing... more

Well Well The President is winning lawsuits over illegals, SLAMMING No Name every chance he gets and just signed an EO for free speech on College Campuses promising punishment for non compliance! Add in all the AMAZING... more

Before I got sidelined by illness Q announced we were T-21 days. For WHAT I did not know. But in the two weeks since we've been down we have seen an avalanche of intel come rolling out. Elite Colleges caught red handed faking... more

Well with the "public" return of Q Anon things definitely seem to happening. Barr is the new AG and Mueller will be wrapping his bullshit "investigation" up sometime this or next week. What he will SAY in that final report is still uncertain... more

So the SOTU is over and what did we learn? Well for starters we learned that RBG is NOT out there living it up and is more than likely DEAD or close to it. We SHOULD find out soon. We also found out that by sitting there in White with... more

Well here we are guys. The media is crumbling slowly like a large ocean liner sinking at sea and boy is it fun to watch. After lying yet again about the Covington boys in attempt to get ahead of the next SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney... more

As the "Shutdown" reaches into its third week with no end in sight people are begining to see the advantages in it. First we are seeing that MUCH of government and its employees are nothing more than a bloated carcass that... more

Hey Gang! Well after a much needed week off we are back and on SUNDAY of all nights! Family obligation have moved us to Sunday this week but nothing ELSE changes. Well the PLOT has thickened. The President did his Oval Office... more

The Government is shutdown because Democrats REFUSE to allow funding for the Border Wall. They are SO against protecting the Citizenry of the Country They are even attempting to block the Citizens from funding The Wall via a Go Fund... more

These disgusting bastards dont care WHO they hurt in their unbridled attempt to Destroy Trump and control the people. Since 1913 these filthy scumbags have created every boom and bust, every depression and recession and every Bull... more
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