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Bridging The Gaps – The Shift from Paranormal to Supernatural

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
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With Halloween just around the corner, many people love to begin focusing on the spooky, creepy, unexplained phenomenon or what has also been called the Paranormal. Western culture has been heavily conditioned to view paranormal phenomenon with hesitancy, fear and ignorance. Until in recent years, the paranormal had been labeled evil, dark and malicious, but for good reason. The nature of it has become more publicly accepted through TV, conventions, radio and businesses exploring these mysteries. The education and knowledge of the paranormal has been strategically suppressed and eradicated by Western societies and the Church which left the masses afraid and confused to its nature. Investigating into such matters carried heavy consequences such as condemning and judgment for those who sought to explain and provide evidence of its existence. Sadly, this is nothing new to Eastern wisdom and has been taught for 15,000 years. Modern man’s beliefs require scientific evidence or statements from “officials or authorities” before it's accepted. The questions to many of life’s “mysteries,” perceived from the Western culture, has surprisingly been safeguarded from manipulation, alteration and deletion. It has remained hidden in various Eastern wisdom that surprisingly turns these unexplained mysteries into an issue which can be answered. Its wisdom reveals the nature or reasons behind paranormal activity and how it operates to an exact science with precise formulas to why these occurrences happen. This wisdom also reveals that paranormal entities are primarily half-beings that operate on these lower frequencies and planes that secretly have many hidden agendas. Essentially, these beings and entities didn’t get this system. Those who understand this system, go beyond these lower energies and into the superior energy spectrum of the “Supernatural” in the physical body.