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Theresa Robb

Theresa Robb


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After studying individuals who seemed to have all the traits needed for success who didn't find success. And looking closely at people who showed no signs when they were younger that they would ever be anything but average - who went on to be great successes in adulthood. I found that the key to success was innovation. Let's talk about raising innovation in yourself, your family, your business and your community.

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Today we are going the explore that thought that we could be ruining childhood these days. Have you ever wondered what your trying too hard to be productive is doing to your family? Are you pushing yourself and your kids because you feel... more

Tonight we are going to explore doing what you love. How can you do what you love for a living? How can you raise children who can do what they love for a living?

This evening we are going to explore creating a culture of responsibility with in your family.

Tonight was are going to explore Moore's Law and education. Can you really say at high school graduation, or when you graduate from a university that you know ALL that you need to learn? What are the real value of these diplomas?

What's your motivation? Do you know what it is? Today we are going to explore motivation. How can you talk to your children about motivation, and becoming who and what they are meant to be?

Today we are going to explore the value of being bored and daydreaming. Do you have downtime for daydreaming? Are you comfortable doing nothing? Are you giving your children the time and space they need to daydream?

Today we are going explore whether you are being a parent or a martyr. Do you need to beware of the rescuer trap?

Tonight we are going to explore the topic of testing in education. Are these tests adding to or subtracting from your child's education? Is this focus on teaching to the test raising your child's stress levels? Is this teaching to the test... more

Tonight we are going to explore the one question. What is the one question you should always ask yourself? What is the one question that you want to teach and encourage your kids to always ask? What is the one question that can make the... more

Tonight we are going to explore the topic of ethical parenting. My dad lectured my siblings and I about always doing the right thing. He would say, "There is the right way and the wrong way, I expect you to always do the right thing. Even when... more
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