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Theresa Robb

Theresa Robb


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After studying individuals who seemed to have all the traits needed for success who didn't find success. And looking closely at people who showed no signs when they were younger that they would ever be anything but average - who went on to be great successes in adulthood. I found that the key to success was innovation. Let's talk about raising innovation in yourself, your family, your business and your community.

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Today we are going to explore the idea that grades do more harm than good. Are you pushing your child too hard to get good grades? Are your child's teachers pushing them too hard for good grades? Or, are the teachers inflating the grades... more

Today we are going to explore two different topics. The first is standardized test, and what they don't recognize in your child. The second is an article written by a mom who explores the topic of not sending her children to college.

Today we are going to explore raising children who can create their own jobs, create their own careers.

Today we are going to explore effective ways families can solve problems. As a parent, do feel as though you are constantly solving problems? How can we help our children become better problem solvers.

This weekend I learned a valuable lesson. Our kids all take different paths on their journeys. Sometimes we roll our eyes and worry about their decisions and how they are going about this journey. But, they all seem to end up where they... more

Today we are going to explore the concept that there isn't only one right answer. Are you leading your children to believe that there is only one right answer on the tests they are taking at school? Is your child's school so worried about how they... more

Today we are going to explore the idea of everyday being Halloween in your house. Are you wearing a mask and costume everyday? Are you wanting your children to wear a mask and costume everyday? What about your spouse?... more

Tonight we are going to discuss degrees based on what you can do, not how long you went. A friend of mine recently wrote to me saying that education can't be a timestamped endevor. Education needs to be a life long endevor. This... more

Today we are going to explore the idea of turning education upside down. Also we are going to talk about the 8 things we cannot accept in education. Are your children getting the education that they need and deserve?

Today we are going to explore competitive parenting. Do you want or need your child to out preform other children. Is your success as a parent directly attached to how your child performs? Do you keep a running score sheet comparing your... more
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