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The Remarkables

The Remarkables presented by Meltdown Comics


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So much has been written about them. From studio films of their adventures, to fan fiction devoted to uncovering their secret identities and the secret lives of Remarkables such as The Patriot and Maverick. But no one has talked to the people who work with them. The henchman, the sidekicks, the lawyers that represent them, the cops who have to work alongside them. All doing the unremarkable work that stays off the radar. That’s what The Remarkables podcast presented by Meltdown Comics is here to fix.

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Is "Remarkability" programmable? Once there's an app for everything, will we even need Remarkables? Our guest today thinks he has a software solution to what engineers have for years said is a hardware problem. Check it out on this... more

?What kind of a law firm represents people with secret identities? And how much can they say about the cases they handle? Ezra and Tita look into this as they interview an attorney with access to the Remarkable secrets of The... more

PARENTAL ADVISORY: This week's episode features INTENSE SEXUAL THEMES AND LANGUAGE. Do heinous acts negate heroic ones? When trust is lost, can it ever be regained? Where is the line between good and evil?... more

Police work requires way more than just brute force. And as the Blue Line gets stretched thinner, we learn there's more than one way to be truly Remarkable. Listen to it all right here on this episode of The Remarkables presented by... more

This week on The Remarkables, our guest is a football coach who explains the significance of coaching styles, even though members of his team could roll out of bed and tackle a literal freight train, let alone a high school... more

The Remarkables may have saved our world more times than we can count, but they have left more than a few of our friends and neighbors without shelter, searching the globe for a place to call home. This week, Tita and Ezra talk with... more

This week, Tita and Ezra talk to a former sidekick about the challenges of making a life for yourself after you age out of the sidekick business. From being on top to finding the right studio apartment when the glory's gone. All right here on the... more

This episode of the newest season starts with a huge get for Tita and Ezra. A face to face interview with an actual Henchman! Learn what they liked to be called (hint: it's not Henchman) and find out more of the unfolding mystery surrounding... more