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The Real Education

The Real Education


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Professor MOmOh is a Dohgon High Priest whose WISDOM about Dohgon AfRAkan Science is unprecedented in modern times. Professor MOmOh's ascendance to the level of High Priesthood is simillarly unprecedented due to Spiritual annointment. Professor MOmOh's great, great.... GrandFTHR was a Dohgon High Priest teaching all the scientists astronomical, physiological, as well as terrestrial sciences at the Universities of Timbuktu in the 1600s at the peak of slavery. At this same time, Mr. Bannakay, the son of the Emperor of The Songhai Empire, was kidnapped and brought into slavery in America. His grandson, Benjamin Banneker, because of his GrandFTHR's Dohgon influence, made him one of the greatest scientists and astRAnomers in America in the 1700s. Mr. Banneker, as we all remember, had a less-than-8th-grade education, yet became the topmost surveyor for mapping the District of Columbia and for laying the foundations of The White House. Mr. Banneker also made the only clock with 4 faces showing different Times that ran from one engine. Professor MOmOh has been endowed with extremely powerful Dohgon Intelligence, which he now presents in different Intellectual forums. Welcome to Dohgon Education! www.dohgonuniversity.com

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THE REAL EDUCATION SAYS GOODBYE! The Voyager Spacecraft, they say, is leaving the Solar Universe. Do you know what this means? Let's talk our last talk!

Let's talk brain dead. Queen DAMA called me Thursday night and mentioned that someone had attempted suicide by inhaling Carbon monoxide from the exhaust of his car in his locked garage. He is not physiologically dead yet, but his... more


Waves-Numbers-Colors-Sound and how they are are interrelated and how the waves determine the quality of your sound, your projection in the world. The power of Waves are so poignant, it's hard to believe that the Numbers that... more

Logic is sensible and rational thought. It's philosophical and makes you reason deductively inductively with manipulations. Rationalization is thinking clearly with purpose and freedom. Rationalization is devoid of emotions because it deals... more

To ANKHser this question, we have to talk about the properties of both elements. BRTHR Yusuf posed this question and many others when he heard a radio host stating that hydrogen is the element that makes the Melanin of the AfRAkan... more

Aristotle's logic Aristotle’s theory of syllogism has had an unparalleled influence on the history of Western thought. What is syllogism? There are 2 definitions to this word, namely: -A formal deductive argument made up of a major premise,... more

The Physical Universe does everything to mimic the Spiritual Universe. Water and fire must never cross paths. When they do, the fire will pay the price. Wind will run parallel to water, which is why boats with sails will glide on the surface... more

The Face Behind The Pain is always in the waiting to become real. But are you ready make it real? Are you ashamed? Are you afraid? Are you making it pile up on you until it begins to squeeze the tears out of your eyes, make your nose... more

Cal Tech hasn’t won a basketball tournament in 25 years. The Los Angeles Times Article Saturday, 10-16-10. “A men’s team that has not won a conference game in 25 years--it is 0-297 during that time--ran on to the floor accompanied by one... more