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The Raw Dog Food Truth

The Raw Dog Food Truth


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We take your questions and give you the raw truth as we investigate the benefits, myths, misconceptions and truths about feeding raw dog food. Own a dog with allergies? Have a picky eater? Think expensive kibble is a healthy alternative to the cheap stuff? Been told raw dog food is unhealthy or dangerous? Tune in and discover the Raw Truth about how raw dog food diets are changing the lives of people and pets in miraculous ways everyday.

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On the Podcast today is Zach Beukers son of Top Quality Dog Food founder Peter Beukers. Peter is a trained meat cutter from Nijmegen, Netherlands with over 40 years of experience in the meat industry. He started mastering raw pet... more

Want to know more about the raw diet for your dog go to www.rawdogfoodandco.com Check out our Raw Dog Food Myths and Misconceptions page. What raw products are available for your dog? Check out... more

SNAP Out of It! See new achievable possibilities for sliming down your dog in a species appropriate healthy way. www.RawDogFoodandCo.com "Many low fat diet blends are 80 percent carbs and 20 percent protein. Some even contain... more

We have all heard of people getting adjusted at the Chiropractor, but what about dogs? What is the process to adjust them? Is ti safe? What are the benefits? Are certain types of dogs better candidates for chiropractic care than others?... more

Premium kibble makes pet parents feel better about what they feed their beloved pets. But is it really better or have they been sold a bill of goods (crap). Find out why all those vitamines and supposedly great vegetables and fruits aren't... more

It's more than natural to believe your vet knows more about pet health than you do. But do they really know all the facts about the raw diet? When they say raw is bad for your dogs what are they REALLY talking about? Have their clients... more

Some people feed their dogs the Prey Model Diet way and some feed the BARF model diet way. Who is right and who is wrong? What are the main differences? Plus with all the different type bones on the market which bones are more... more

Today's podcast Carmen Gudreau and I will be discussing allergies in dogs and when to rotate proteins for the healthiest pets. Are dogs born with allergies? Yes and hear why. What causes allergies? A lot of things but pet parents can help... more

Should you switch from a prescription food like Royal Cannin if your dog has health issues? What about dogs with irritable bowl syndrome, cancer or auto immune disorders? Is raw the best option or should you cook their food? Today... more

Today's podcast addresses the issue of fats in the raw diet. How much fat is too much? Which fats should be used with poultry and not meat? What are the essential fatty acids needed for a smarter, happier and healthier dog? Why... more