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The Raw Dog Food Truth

The Raw Dog Food Truth


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We take your questions and give you the raw truth as we investigate the benefits, myths, misconceptions and truths about feeding raw dog food. Own a dog with allergies? Have a picky eater? Think expensive kibble is a healthy alternative to the cheap stuff? Been told raw dog food is unhealthy or dangerous? Tune in and discover the Raw Truth about how raw dog food diets are changing the lives of people and pets in miraculous ways everyday.

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Tunnel vision in what's best for our own health and certainly the health of our dogs can keep us stuck in the box and limited our ability to make better choices. But with options and an open mind happiness and health can be obtained in a... more

Four (4) vets take on a blind challenge to see if they can pick out the best and worst dry dog foods on the market. What they say about a food that is sold as a premium/prescription dog food containing toxic and cheap ingredients that cost... more

Today's podcast will discuss what to do when your dog has the runs. What are the causes? How do you know when you need to see the vet? Should you fast your dog and for how long. Is cooked chicken and rice really beneficial. Do... more

To find out how you can feed a species appropriate diet, delivered to you at a fraction of retail prices go to: www.rawdogfoodandco.com Disclaimer: Before starting any raw diet do your research, ask lots of questions and consult your vet.

High Pressure Pasturization known as HPP is being touted as the safer and best way to manufacture raw dog food. But is that really the truth? Once you hear the facts you may think different. Don't get fooled by marketing or scare tactics that... more

Dogs thrive on an all raw species appropriate diet. But what about cats? ABSOLUTELY! On today's podcast hear why a kibble diet and a prescription diet could be the worst thing for your cats health. To find out more about how to get... more

To find out how you can get your dog started on an all raw species appropriate diet go to www.rawdogfoodandco.com The opinions expressed in this show are that of the host and co-host who have over 40 years of combined experience... more

www.RawDogFoodandCo.com How much should puppies eat when feeding a raw diet? Some information says 10% some says 2% what is the truth? Find out what's best for your breed today on The Raw Dog Food Truth. To find out how... more

Salmonella is responsible for 1.2 million food-borne illnesses in humans, with 19,000 hospitalizations and some 400 deaths every year. Though it's relatively uncommon for dogs to actually become ill from ingesting Salmonella – the... more

On the Podcast today is Zach Beukers son of Top Quality Dog Food founder Peter Beukers. Peter is a trained meat cutter from Nijmegen, Netherlands with over 40 years of experience in the meat industry. He started mastering raw pet... more