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The Prime Directive

The Prime Directive


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"The Constitution is my Prime Directive." We are all about libertarian/conservative politics, with a dash of technology, current events, and entertainment.

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Do you have an opinion? Call the guest line at (310) 807-5158 or toll free (877) 878-1431. Your comments will make this a great show. Normally, we don't talk about sports on this show. Tonight, we'll make an exception. The "unbeatable"... more

Do you have an opinion? Call the guest line at (310) 807-5158 or toll free (877) 878-1431. It is Friday the Thirteenth (a traditionally unlucky day), and those wacky Muslims have kicked it off with a bang in Paris. How could you not see this... more

The formerly Top Secret Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) or whatever, is out of the bag--all two million words of it. Can it be stopped? Just how bad is it, really? Climategate, the biggest scam in the history of scams, is heating up. The... more

Here are tenight's topics for discussion: The Volkswagen Fraud: Let's face it. Diesel engines stink—literally. Why did Volkswagen take the risk? How did they get away with it for so long? What deos the Digital Millenium Copyright Act... more

Some people think that they are above the law. Now the consequences are here. To quote Obama's pastor, the chickens have come home to roost. First up, a formerly unknown dentist has replaced Bill Cosby as the most hated man in... more

There's plenty of news stories. Let's try to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. What stories are diversions, and which ones are significant. Here are a few things to look at: Independence Day - Another Darwin Award... more

You thought there was only one legislative branch of government. Well, it turns out that there are actually four. Do I have to name them for you? And you thought that there were only three branches of government total. It turns out that words... more

We are back after a long hiatus. There is just too much happening to ignore it. The Charleston Church Shooting: Certainly the shooter is evil and the event is tragic. What is really behind it? Were SSRI drugs involved? The Presidential... more

Dr. Vic Manzo joins us tonight to discuss ebola and answer your questions. Conflicting reports are in abandance. Could this spread worldwide? How contagious is it? Is there a coverup? Is the CDC incompetent? Conspiracy... more

It's Halloween, and time for some scary stuff. At midnight, the railroad bridge over Colchester Rd in Clifton VA is reported to be one of the creepiest places around. Is it merely fiction, or is the Bunny Man an actual person? We will... more