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The Non-Prophets

The Non-Prophets


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The Non Prophets is a live internet radio show focusing on news from an atheist perspective airing on the first and third Wednesday of every month, starting at 7:30 PM Central

On-Demand Episodes

Craziness in Tennessee: Tennessee's "Religious Freedom" Bill; Tennessee attempts to declare the Bible the 'official state book"; TN Gov. Bill Haslam on gay rights; Nancy Reagan's legacy; We discuss our recent April Fool's Day... more

Amazingly organized, well-prepared, intro (sans-Denis); "Am I a bigot for liking your Scalia impression?"; Russian atheist faces a year in jail for denying the existence of god; European Skeptics podcast; Saudi man sentenced to 10 years... more

Denis' "Retro Encabulator" Intro; Stuff we've been up to; Oklahoma bill to require schools to teach that "life begins at conception"; Special message: Don't email us about stuff that happened on the Atheist Experience, we're a different show;... more

We weren't listening.

Denis' Superhero Intro; 2016 Democratic Primaries; "ISIS" vs. "DAESH"; Email: Groundhog Day gives my life meaning. (We swear we're not making this up.); More politics - Clinton vs. Sanders; State-run (i.e. Catholic) Schools in Ireland;... more

Denis' hypothetical intro - Special guest host: Tracie Harris! (maybe) - Creepy News: Oral Roberts University requiring freshmen to wear "Fitbits" to "track their fitness." - Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore says state officials have a duty to... more

The Topsy-Turvy Episode!; Russell's review of Spotlight; Kent Hovind: "God put contradictions in the Bible to weed out atheists!"; Email: Response to the "Mad at God" argument; Antonin Scalia says govt. can favor religion; Mail: "Would you... more

Live from the front lines of the WAR ON CHRISTMAS!; Nativity scenes; Mail: Heaven and Hell; Another nativity scene, in Orange, TX; Poll on Trump's call to ban Muslims entering U.S.; Mail: Leaving Mormonism (Get a lawyer!); Tracie... more

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