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Compelling discussion with movers and shakers around topics pertaining to love, politics, and intellect.

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We got that sex ed class when we were in the glorious middle school years, but what have we retained? What have we applied? And what's new that we need to know? On this episode of The Live Exchange, Dr. Pamela is joined by Dr. Lorie... more

Dr. Pamela is joined by Licensed Professional Counselor, Dr. Laklieshia Izzard to discuss how to overcome stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue.

Dr. Pamela is joined by author, LaTasha Woodcock and her friend, Felicia McGee, who share their experiences and expertise with finding purpose in the pain. Through their own series of heartbreaks, setbacks, and... more

In Dr. Pamela's absense, guest host, Daisy Mack leads a conversation about the importance of recognizing the need to make pertinent changes in our lives and rolling with those changes as the need arises. She is joined by licenced... more

Dr. Pamela is joined by licenced professional counselor, Jill Mays to discuss life after trauma. Everyone does not experience trauma in the same way, nor do we all overcome it in the same timeframe or with the same strategies. Today's... more

Social and mainstream media has been on fire with much conversation around sexual harassment in Hollywood. On this episode, we expand that conversation to other professions, the difference between harassment and mutual attraction, as... more

Guests: Mr. Robert Pierce & Mr. Yohance Serrant Black men and Black women share a history of oppression and of rising against the odds. What happens when they come together? How do they approach love and intimacy? How do they... more

Today, Dr. Pamela is joined by owner of Peezy Headz and Daisy's Garden, the company behind the yummy lemon butter cream, Daisy Mack. As always, Dr. Pamela has some trending topics to discuss, research to dish, and of course,... more

There was a time, not too long ago when President Barack Obama was elected - that it was declared that we live in a post-racial society. A post-racial society – after 200 years of slavery. After Jim Crow. After the Civil Rights... more

Self-discipline. It is one of those things that so many of us desperately struggle with. It takes discipline to change our lives, to grow to new heights, to be the best version of ourselves possible. Life transformation is a physical, mental, and... more