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The Lions are Out the Cage

The Lions are out the Cage


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A POWERFUL discussion on topics that effect the Original People of the Planet Earth in general, and the Black/brown men and women of America in specific.

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The Lions Out The Cage are going in LIVE from Saviours' Day 2014 in Detroit. Live from Vendor Row with The Allah Team and Lost Sheep Productions. Tune in LIVE online or Call in Live (347) 996-5718.

JOIN the LIONS as WE discuss Preparation for Separation with St. SW Reg. Min. Robert Muhammad. Tonight's conversation will address OUR preparation for Self-government; are WE prepared? Do WE know what separation entails? Are... more

JOIN the LIONS as WE discuss Farrakhan and OUR stand with the man of GOD! What is the LOTC's PURPOSE, MISSION, and VISION? WE will be discussing the psychology of the coward, and the psychology of the LAZY! How will... more

Tune in tonight as the LIONS discuss the problem that comes with single brothers in the Black Community! The POWER of Marriage! What happens when black men refuse to take on a wife? What are some of the reasons for the present... more

JOIN the LIONS tonight as WE take all calls and questions! Here is your chance to ask the LIONS anything you want. WE will do OUR best to DEAL with any issue that you present! Its your time to voice whatever you like! But becareful,... more

JOIN the LIONS as WE discuss Domestic violence and Dysfunctional Relationships: Is there ever a Justified Reason to Punch a Woman? Many ladies say that it is WRONG to hit a woman, but do these same women JUSTIFY a... more

Marriage and Hypocrisy: What's Love Got to do with it? Tune in tonight and JOIN the LIONS as WE deal with OUR Part 2 Discussion on marriage and courtship! Tonight's show will be entitled MARRIAGE: What's Love Got to do with it. Why... more

JOIN the Lions as WE discuss this High Powered subject: MARRIAGE and HYPOCRISY: The POWER of Marriage in Building a Nation! Why should WE be married? What does it mean when a Brother or sister refuses to get married?... more

JOIN the LIONS as WE discuss KHALID and MALCOLM and the Ballad of a DEAD Soldier! The LIONS will look into the MINDS of Khalid Muhammad and Malcolm X. What can WE learn from their life and death? What were their... more

JOIN the Lions as WE discuss this High Powered subject! They want Farrakhan Dead: The politics of Hypocrisy. Are those who claim Farrakhan REALLY with him? How do WE know? What are the signs of hypocrisy and treachery? This is... more
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