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The Lions are Out the Cage

The Lions are out the Cage


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A POWERFUL discussion on topics that effect the Original People of the Planet Earth in general, and the Black/brown men and women of America in specific.

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Join the LIONS as WE discuss the Religion of WAR and the Nature of the Soldier! What WAR are WE in? Are WE even in a WAR? What is the ways, actions, and means of a TRUE soldier dedicated to not simply fighting the WAR, but... more

JOIN the LIONS as WE discuss the politics of DEFENDING The Minister! What can WE learn from Khalid and Malcolm? Who are the real RIDERZ for the Minister! Who will DEFEND the BRAND? What is the COST of being a... more

JOIN the LIONS as WE discuss FARRAKHAN and the fact that he is on a CROSS! WE need to examine the TRICKS of OUR enemies and the agendas of those who desire to see an END to the Minister and The Nation of Islam. As the... more

JOIN the LIONS as WE discuss ISLAM in the West; What's Love got to do with it? Understanding the POWER of relationships. As many of US seek to find productive bonds in sisterhood and brotherhood, and even marriage—not... more

JOIN the LIONS as WE discuss the Origins of the WHITE MAN! WE will examine the purpose of DEVIL and what it means to be the ENEMY of GOD. What is an ENEMY and how should WE handle an ENEMY? Many people are beginning to... more

Tonight we discuss ?What Love Looks Like - Defending FARRAKHAN? The Lions fresh off a powerful weekend in the streets of Atlanta, want to help clear up the understanding of the word love and why you should never allow ANYONE to... more

Join the LIONS tonight as WE discuss TREACHERY and TREASON and the undermining of the Nation's Program! Why are the hypocrites attacking Min. Farrakhan? Why are WE seemingly NOT responding well to the strategy... more

Join the LIONS as WE discuss the ISSUE of Black Power! What is Black Power? Do those who claim Black Power really know what it means? How do WE produce Black Power, and how do WE motivate and inspire Black People to... more

STOP THE CLOWN SHOW: The Beginning of the End JOIN The LIONS as WE Discuss the POWER of a New Mind and New Leadership. WE need to get a handle on the NEXT MOVE and the BEST MOVE! What do WE need to do to... more

JOIN the LIONS as WE discuss Black God, Black Organization! Too many of US talk Nation, but in reality don't want to do what it takes to build a Nation. Why is that? Why are WE afraid? What prevents US from doing what needs to... more
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