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The Lions are Out the Cage

The Lions are out the Cage


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A POWERFUL discussion on topics that effect the Original People of the Planet Earth in general, and the Black/brown men and women of America in specific.

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JOIN the LIONS as WE discuss the WIFE of GOD! DOES GOD have a WIFE? What is HER Purpose? HOW would the GOD choose HIS WIFE? How does a WIFE qualify herself to be chosen? How does GOD relate to HIS WIFE?... more

JOIN the LIONS as WE discuss the POWER of BEING GOD! What DO WE need to DO to develop that POWER? What DO WE need to DO to DEMONSTRATE that POWER? What is the REAL purpose of OUR Supreme Wisdom Lessons?... more

JOIN the LIONS as WE discuss the meaning of the 5 Percent? What distinguishes the REAL 5 Percent from the posers and imposters? What makes a TRUE 5 Percenter? Who is the CIVILIZED, and what is the duty of the... more

JOIN the LIONS as WE discuss POWERFUL topics with the Great ABU SHADID....the Five Percent Legend and Student of the Supreme Wisdom and 120 lessons. What is the difference between the NGE and the Five Percent Nation of... more

Join the LIONS as WE discuss the pains and sacrifices that come with doing THIS work for ISLAM. The Lions will be calling out to all those who have walked away due to pain and/or mistreatment. WE want all who have had... more

Join the LIONS as WE discuss OUR future plans and how WE will make a major push into the streets of America to save OUR people! Lets discuss WHY WE do what WE do! How WE can stop the KILLING in OUR COMMUNITIES! It is Past... more

Join the LIONS as WE discuss OUR recent trip to New York! WE will be building on OUR recent moves and why they were made. WE invite Doc Wesley Muhammad to give US details into his and Jay Electronica's Relationship.... more

JOIN the LIONS Live and DIRECT in Brooklyn New York as WE DEFEND FARRAKHAN in NEW YORK! WE will be discussing CHUCK D, PETER ROSENBURG, The Hip Hop Nation and its ROLE in Saving OUR People! WE... more

Join the LIONS as WE explore the POWER of a True Sister and Brotherhood! WE must learn and understand why it is so important to have people in your CIPHER (Circle) that you can TRUST and DEPEND on! What are the root CAUSES of... more

Join the LIONS as WE go hard on the HYPOCRITES and talk SOLDIER BUSINESS! As WE now find OURSELVES in the middle of Mixed Feelings and Controversy, what is a SOLDIER to DO...Turn Down, or Turn Up? Join US as... more
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