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The Invisible World


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There are phenomena out there that do not yet have commonly held, empirical proof, but whose existence is hard to deny. Things that go bump in the night, woosh across the sky, and rummage through your garbage after hours. We do not have the answers, but are in a constant search for another piece of the puzzle, trying to get a better picture of the currently indefinable. This, is THE INVISIBLE WORLD. Each week we feature current news stories on topics such as ghosts, UFOs and their occupants, cryptozoology, bizarre discoveries, science and sub-science breakthroughs, the space program, and more. Past guests include stars of TV and radio, authors, physicists, metaphysicists, biochemists, psychics, scientists, etc. We do this to provide you, the listener with new information and new insight into subjects you may not have been exposed to through other outlets. It’s an obviously crazy world out there, lets try to make some sense of it! Check us out on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/theinvisibleworldshow And if you have any strange tales of your own you would like to share, questions, or anything, email: theinvisibleworldshow@gmail.com

On-Demand Episodes

The first of our Halloween two-parter! This week we have news stories on strange new worlds, new power sources, Ebola-fighting robots and space planes as well as haunting tales of spectral entities that watch you sleep, flying humanoids,... more

Newly discovered geoglyphs, multiple Mars missions reach their goal, water discovered on exo-planets, UFO Monuments, MOD releases new UFO documents, high strangeness washing up on the shore, Dracula's prison and... more

Mysterious lights under the pacific, strange creatures washed ashore, life-defying eco systems, paranormal tech, multiple UFO sightings caught on camera, stardust, star-plankton, martian bones and a tribute to the Ghostbusters on their... more

Tonight we feature strange tales of the haunted southwest, as well as updates to classic UFO encounters, lost ancient relics, mysterious moon men, debunked hobbits, burried pirate ships and more!

Massive underground oceans on our own world and beyond, new target date to stroll on Mars, disembodied hairy arms, innovations in detecting life on other planets, triangular UFOs, rectangular UFOs, cylindrical UFOs and more!

TIW is back! Giant new planets, giant new dinosaurs, man-made flying saucers, not-so-manmade flying saucers, reincarnation stories, ghosts playing soccer, secret societies, HAARP news and more!

Water on Pluto, strange lights on Mars, Russian Moon-bases, children possessed by tree-spirits, an extended UFO roundup and more!

Mysterious Martian landscaping, El Chupacabra caught in cage and on tape, the ?Cyber-olympics?, new dwarf planets in our own system, other sentient races controling our own, An extended UFO roundup complete with present and past... more

Big bangs, trips to Europa, head trauma psychics, pygmy T-Rexs, dark mater, ancient viruses, flying saucers and more! Special guest sidekick Lauren Hunt!

Today we switch things up a bit. Ill be playing a clip from a recent show I hosted "Historical Hauntings Canada" as well as some giving you some unnerving news stories including reports of a dissapearing asteroid, a letter by Sir Alec Guiness... more

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