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TheHolisticMinistry/Minister James Browning


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The purpose for this ministry is to help raise the spiritual consciousness of all mankind. We will teach the connection between mind, body and spirit. These teachings will be based on a variety of religions and philosophies of the world passed down through generations to us in our existence today. We will study literature from enlightened and higher beings that are visiting and have visited the planet earth in the last thousands of years. The HOLISTIC MINISTRY is a new age ministry. We believe there is only one power and one presence active in our lives and affairs...GOD the good omnipotent. GOD is always sending us a wayshower to lift us up and remind us of the spiritual being that we truly are. Planet Earth is a school where spiritual beings come to evolve and work their way back to the GOD head. We are all connected to this spiritual power through the universal mind. GOD has given each of us the ability to control our destiny through the use of mind and applying the universal laws of GOD. Mankind has the ability to do great works and he has unlimited potential according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. This is an invitation to people of all religions and spiritual inclinations.

On-Demand Episodes

How often have you heard it said people show up in your life for a Reason, Season, or Lifetime Most of the people who show up in your life you made agreements and contracts with, while you were still in the spiritual rim. You both... more

If We are One with the All-ness of the Divine (God, Goddess, Universe, Source, or whatever name You choose to call It), then We must also be one with its Power – the creative power of Divine Intelligence. We have the capacity to... more

Beloved ones the power of expectation is one of the most powerful tools you have in your mental toolbox. When are creating a mental expectation you release vibrational frequency. The universal god force will go to work on your behalf to... more

THE POWER OF PRAYER!-PART 2 Do praying really work? If so who answers your Prays? First Thessalonian chapter five verse 17 ?say Pray without ceasing.?Does that mean one should stay in pray for 24 seven? Why is my Pray... more

Life shines forth Its light and energy as the unique Being We all are. We are Divine Intelligence in unique expression; the Impersonal, personalized; the Universal un-manifest in manifestation; children of the Divine; Spirit made flesh.... more

Do praying really work? If so who answers your Prays? First Thessalonian chapter five verse 17 ?say Pray without ceasing.?Does that mean one should stay in pray for 24 seven? Why is my Pray not being answered? These are just some of... more

Well-beloved one your world may be feeling and looking a little out of balance these days. I can truly understand what some of you are experiencing. If you are spiritually connected, what you are experiencing is part of a shift in... more

Science, Spirituality, and religion are finding more in common every day. What science tells us is everything that exists, everything We can see, touch, taste, and smell – everything in this physical Universe – is created out of the... more

ROMANS 8:31 If GOD is for us, who can be against us! What does that really mean, it means GOD'S power is omnipotent, and no one can interference or stop it? When you set out to accomplish something and sincerely Pray and ask... more

It is believed that Ascended Masters are individuals who were formerly embodied on the Earth and learned the lessons of life during their incarnations. They gained mastery over the limitations of the matter planes, balanced at least 51% of... more