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The Happyness Factor

The Happyness Factor


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choosing happyness by way of the Law of Attraction and taking 100% responsibility for every moment of your life.

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Have a great day/life, unless you have already made other plans. What if your day does depend on your intentions. You choose the day you have based on your attention. If you put your focus on hate and judgement, you will get a day of... more

Relationships never end, they change form. We constantly change form in relationships, some more difficult than most. It's all about our attachments. We get attached to a person or a form of relationship because we do not allow ourselves... more

most think of Alladins Lamp as a fairy tail. but based on The Law of Attraction, if you truly believe it's true, IT'S TRUE. So the what if The universe is your genie, your gratitude is your lamp. The most powerful way to get your "genie" to grant... more

We have all felt this way. At some point in time, it stopped. Are there ways to get out of the quicksand.

Law of attraction is always working in everyone's life, even if you don't know it or believe it

ARE YOU READY for ease and joy in your life now? YES? Gain new levels of clarity, awareness, happiness and the ability to change anything you would like to change. Kathy will be sharing how Access empowers you to change the things... more

Resisting what is. is like swimming up stream . While you can't turn the river flow backwards, you can redirect it. ? Acceptance of what is, is ALLWAYS the first step toward getting where you wish to be. How do you accept what is without... more

Can we really trust what we ?see?. It is well recognized that 5 people can ?see? an accident, and give 5 different descriptions of event. Question, If we see different things, is it wise to argue about what we saw Learn why this happens... more

1: Everything is made of energy. 2: God either is energy or created energy. 3: God is a(the) creator 4: We are created in Gods image. We do not ?look? like God, we are created as creators. 5: It is our thoughts, beliefs, emotions... more

knowing that the only real hope for effectivly choosing peace love joy and happyness is to step out of the feelings and belief in victumization and standing in the knowing that we are part of the creation of every moment of our lives.