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Everthing Full-Fledged Reality Show! Call in line is open at1030PM


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PRESENTING: The Everything Full Fledged Reality Show which is always been about helping others to seek & find The Truth in this crazy age of spiritual and technical and social evil era . The Everything Full fledged Reality is Not fabricated reality! Truly, Truth is stranger then fiction and of course this is very much true. Contemporary reality isn't a walk in the park. The episodes on this channel are about exposing the weaponization of almost every aspect of modern culture. We seek to expose the warfare and weaponry directed against this generation by people who have been corrupted and changed by their investment in evil. For the record this show would like to state Full`Fledged that anybody who values Liberty & seeks to protect the Rights of others according to the Constitution Of The United States For America -----> People are invited to bring their, Everything Full Fledged Reality information to the table and or even add your prayers too.. Even during the broadcasts by calling in on this number 1-347-826-9733. Please join in and share this opportunity to be part of the great awakening Full Fledged Reality with ya friends & people you care about. Thank you! P.S. Here is this cool older episode -----> http://www.podcastchart.com/podcasts/this-is-the-full-fledge-show347-826-9733call-in-line/episodes/our-enemies-are-inter-dimensional-can-we-defeat-them

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The treason that permeates the houses of government in this nation is reaching critical levels of immoral toxicity. Our police forces have been filled with sociopathic killers and these criminals are tolerated by groups of cowardly and... more

Every atom in the whole of creation is held in place by the power of God. Every part of the creation was spoken into being by the words of the Almighty God. The sun, the moon, and all the heavens continue on the courses God set them on.... more

Everything Is A PsyOp (Part. 3) *Live'now* Episode:Everything is a PsyOp Hey I'm never on time on the show. But thank you all & Hats off to those who always bear with me ... Again welcome to The Full Fledge Show ... As usual the call in... more

Whistleblower, Lt. Scott Bennett will discuss the covert missions of the real drug dealers in world. The War on Drugs has its roots in an international mechanism developed over hundreds of years. The purveyers of this kind of sorcery are... more

The New Venues of Shared Truth are opening up a new world for people who have yearned for real liberty. The community of people despising the lies that our contemporary organs of propaganda pump out is growing, exponentially. The... more

We all need to reflect on what is the hardest responsibility for someone right now or in the future. In the life of a Christian, the hardest responsibility now and for years to come is informing others about the bible and how it is real. We will talk... more

WE ARE HAVING A SPECIAL GUEST, DR. KEVIN ANNETT, OF ITCCS.ORG The long slide towards a murderous tyranny may be coming to its horrifying conclusion. The decades long list of false flags and the war venues of mass... more

Welcome again to, The Full Fledge Show . As usal to all listener if you'd like to call in the number is 347-826-9733 okay .. Now to all the listeners tonight. Here is the description for this episode - Ephesians 6 10 Finally, my bretheren, be... more

In our experiences in this life there are dynamic guidelines that will direct the steps of those that hear and obey the voice of truth. The word of God reveals the paths of righteousness. In this generation we find that confusion, violence,... more

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