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llluminati 666, this current FAKE system, Martial Law normalization, and YOU!

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ChanningBryan Kelly

ChanningBryan Kelly


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ATTENTION! YOUR VOTES DON'T MATTER IN THE SLIGHTEST! JUST BY BELIEVING THEY DO YOU ARE COMPLYING WITH THIS PHONY SYSTEM AND AGREEING (BY VOTING) THAT YOU LIKE NOT HAVING A REAL CHOICE. There is SO much crap going on that 1 hour wouldn't be able to fill you in on all that much....it's helpful but you should really go to GLP, drudgereport, whatdoesitmean, and beforeitsnews, just to get a better idea of what the hell is going on. 

Did anyone REALLY think that Rahm Emmanuel would lose??? He was hand-picked, specially selected, and somehow people get the idea their votes matter. The "system" is broken and when it finally tears apart by design, it will pave way for the cashless soceity, the Brave New World. All religions should be done away with, some say.....little do they know that that's exactly what will happen, because you can't have a New World Order without a New World Religion! Some people in this world were born to take the Mark of the Beast 666! Will you be one of em? "He will give you-give you 666." Now, more than ever, a micro-chipped population can be acheived. 


Jade Helm 15, stepping it up on the MARTIAL LAW. Everything is going DOWNHILL!!! Yet people have their heads up HIGH like, "I'VE GOT YEARS OF MY LIFE TO LIVE!" NO YOU DON'T! YOU HAVE A VERY SHORT TIME TO GET RIGHT WITH YAHUAH THE MOST HIGH GOD BEFORE THE SHIT HITS THE FAN AND YOUR ASS IS LEFT TO BE EATEN BY ALIENS!!! The aliens no one knows how to fight with orgone (Sherry Shriner Style Orgone).....people are so screwed......they won't even know what hit em......but you know what? The Illuminati told em what would happen, through all this predictive programming. The clues, the signs, the signals, they were all there. But who bothered to pay attention? Ignorance is bliss! So take a red pill tonight. WAKE UP!