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When trash becomes treasure: the LGBT community + the A.I. takeover, with Johnny

  • Broadcast in LGBT
ChanningBryan Kelly

ChanningBryan Kelly


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An obvious Illuminati creation is obvious, and what better way to attract children than to use a rainbow? The "New Normal." You know what it is...when the EXIT becomes the ENTRANCE, roles are reversed, and toys are used to simulate the act of procreation. Homosexuality and sexual gratification as the pathway to God, in the coming New World Order. Is there a gay gene? Only if there is a pedophile gene, a murder gene, and a rape gene, and you know what? Illuminati will tell you those exist, just to slap an A-OK label on deviant sexual activity. "It couldn't be helped, she was born a rapist."  PROUD to not know how your sexual organs work? This isn't a gay bash show, this is just calling a spade a spade; homosexuality will never be normal, no matter how much satan/illuminati tells you it is by pushing and parading it around for us.

Meanwhile Artificial Intelligence androids, robotoids, automatons, AKA SYNTHETIC EVIL will be replacing/exterminating mankind soon enough...how can we stop them? Get magnetic orgone in your areas!!!What is the Singularity? An atheist wet dream/utterly fruitless attempt to escape God's judgement. www.orgoneblasters.com