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Home of TheDougem's two current podcast series: Skeptic Conservative and the Imperial Gaming Podcast. Houses the archive of the precursor show, the Total War Tracker Podcast. Starting after TWT Podcast, all shows are formatted after traditional radio broadcasts. [[Skeptic Conservative]] TheDougem and his cohost Grace discuss current events and explain the context behind the big issues of the day all while trying to encourage civil political discussion. We have our opinions, but we love to hear other viewpoints. We highly encourage and welcome audience participation. [[Imperial Gaming Podcast]] TheDougem and vonGreyson discuss the big gaming news of the week and share our thoughts on what constitutes good game design and most importantly - what's fun to us. We make occasional recommendations on new games and hardware, and are always happy to touch on topics brought up by the audience. Streams live on http://www.livestream.com/totalwartracker during the broadcast. The team behind Imperial Gaming Production, including myself, are all amateurs in the world of podcasting. We do this as a collective hobby, and all staff currently work on a volunteer basis. Learn more at our perpetually in dev website, www.imperial-gaming.com! Contact us at totalwartracker@gmail.com with questions or suggestions. As we love to say even as we fail tremendously, we strive to bring you 'Only the Finest in Broadcasting Excellence'.

On-Demand Episodes

TheDougem and VonGreyson discuss the latest in gaming news and their opinions on game design! Topics for this week: * Black Light (FPS) * All Points Bulletin Relaunch * Starcraft 2 Tournament * New NCA Game * PlanetSide 2 *... more

TheDougem and vonGreyson host their first summer show, going over a number of gaming developments including: * Creative Assembly releasing DBs for ETW and NTW * Court Battle over Violent Video Games * Duke Nukem Forever... more

TheDougem and VonGreyson discuss the latest gaming news * E3 Expectations * Nintendo's 3DS - What to do to save it, 3rd parties * NGP set to replace PSP * Raven Studios working on MW3's multiplayer * Activision... more

TheDougem VonGreyson discuss the latest gaming news, upcoming games, what they've been playing, and their thoughts on game design.

Today on the Skeptic Conservative podcast Doug and Grace will clarify their views on the big issues of today, and what they want to do with the show. We will still cover the news of the week - including the Netanyahu visit and what... more

TheDougem and Grace, instead of covering the planned show topic, analyze a bunch of stories that aren't immigration at all. We discuss the latest problems with the palestinians and the Israelis, the 30 year old 300 lb baby man, thoughts on... more

TheDougem and vonGreyson go over the gaming news for the week and share their opinions about what's what. On this weeks show we'll be discussing, amongst other things, battlefield 3, modern warfare 3, and announcements from... more

TheDougem and Grace review the news of the week, address your questions about current events, and express their opinions on the big issues. Boring but Important will be long today, and calls / chatbox questions will be taken second... more

TheDougem and Grace will go over the world's reaction to the death of -Osama- Bin Laden (not Obama Bin Laden!), reiterate some of the picture and context of Afghanistan, and their own thoughts on things. Boring but Important will cover a... more

TheDougem schedules his second Short Notice show to discuss the death of Osama Bin Laden and Obama's remarks on the subject Some history will be discussed, both large scale and personal, and questions will be addressed as... more
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