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Home of TheDougem's two current podcast series: Skeptic Conservative and the Imperial Gaming Podcast. Houses the archive of the precursor show, the Total War Tracker Podcast. Starting after TWT Podcast, all shows are formatted after traditional radio broadcasts. [[Skeptic Conservative]] TheDougem and his cohost Grace discuss current events and explain the context behind the big issues of the day all while trying to encourage civil political discussion. We have our opinions, but we love to hear other viewpoints. We highly encourage and welcome audience participation. [[Imperial Gaming Podcast]] TheDougem and vonGreyson discuss the big gaming news of the week and share our thoughts on what constitutes good game design and most importantly - what's fun to us. We make occasional recommendations on new games and hardware, and are always happy to touch on topics brought up by the audience. Streams live on http://www.livestream.com/totalwartracker during the broadcast. The team behind Imperial Gaming Production, including myself, are all amateurs in the world of podcasting. We do this as a collective hobby, and all staff currently work on a volunteer basis. Learn more at our perpetually in dev website, www.imperial-gaming.com! Contact us at totalwartracker@gmail.com with questions or suggestions. As we love to say even as we fail tremendously, we strive to bring you 'Only the Finest in Broadcasting Excellence'.

On-Demand Episodes

TheDougem will cover: SOPA and PIPA in greater detail UCSD Socialists and CLICS GOP candidates tax returns - what they are and why they shouldn't really matter VoteAIM: What it is and what it will do Your calls, and more! Thanks to... more

The Official Predictions show for the Skeptic Conservative Podcast! With a -little- bit of other topics. We'll see if we can succeed (or not) in staying focused! Blog article for submissions So what do you think is coming up this year? How will... more

The first show of the new year! Let's see if we can hold things to a weekly schedule, huh? Topics: Iowa Caucus and the GOP field. AGAIN! And maybe a little about progressivism Iran's saber rattling and the greater middle... more

The Skeptic Conservative Podcast, every friday at 8:30pm Pacific Time! Iraq Pull Out Iran and the Drone SOPA Reversal of Light Bulb Ban GOP field?

The first post-finals Skeptic Conservative podcast! Agenda items: 1) The Occupy Movement Dispersed in LA Occupy San Diego acting up again Western Port Occupations on the 13th? 2) Obama's Speech Analysis, maybe audio How... more

Trying to lapse the show into a weekly format. Preliminary Topics thus far! Further Thoughts on Occupy - Why a Tea Partier thinks they're only interested in controversy An exchange between me and an Occupy San Diego sympathizer... more

Birthday Podcast! Because I just feel so peachy today. Going to be a looooong monologue show. Not sure where it will take me - intended primarily for long time listeners and people who already know me, but everyone is welcome! I will rant... more

TheDougem lives! This week's skeptic conservative will cover the following: * Operation Gunwalker * Occupy Wall Street, possible ramifications and concerns * The Overall Picture on the Border, stances on immigration * The Buffet Tax *... more

TheDougem returns from a stupidly busy summer to do a broad overview of current events and what could be coming this Fall and Winter. Questions and suggestions highly welcome! Simulcasting on... more

TheDougem and vonGreyson discuss the latest gaming news and share their opinions on game design. Please call or chatter with us! Also streams on justin.tv/vonGreyson Battlefield 3 Alpha ToR Preorders Starcraft 2 Heart of the... more
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