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Welcome to the show! Here we will discuss various topics from Politics, Society, Culture, Business and Philosophies. (Inspirational and Creative) #FOLLOW

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I would like to welcome a very very special guest back to the show today, Shariff Jones "Sincere". I appreciate your exciting participation & support on the show. Join us as we take a look into the "Rise And Fall Of A Nation". I understand that a nation can only be as strong as its women. And, if the people are not united then that nation will surely fall. Now suppose you are trying to build a structure and some of the nails or screws are missing. We both know that structure can not survive. In our world today there are many nations that have weak structures and America is one of those nations. Sincere and I will discuss life before slavery and what has changed since then. In my opinion we are not totally free until we break free of the mental chains that have kept us bound for centuries. The first step is to free your mind because knowledge is power. Not only do you have to free your mind, you must teach the children everything possible in order to free their minds. How can a nation rise when its people are not treated equally? How can a nation rise when our minds are locked? Freedom of the mind will inevitably give you real freedom. Our topic for today is the Rise And Fall Of A Nation. Join Sincere and myself (your host) Inspiration Diva as we dig into the differences within our nation. We must have respect for ourselves enough to not tolerate injustice and predjudice in America. As the saying goes if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. Let's stand for something and let our voices be heard. Join us by calling in to speak at 914-205-5662. The call in number is also listed on the show page at Inspirational Voices , Listen on your favorite podcast app, laptop, phone, or tablet. Thanks for joining us.
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