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Bring Back Prayer for Revival

The Altar Ministry


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America, the modern Israel that was built on a firm foundation in Christ has started to turn away from the truth of the Gospel. Its time to start revival.

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Join me today with two very special guest.. my parents! We are discussing issues that recently happened In O It time to shine light on the sin and discuss where the church has failed during this situatuon.

Every individual goes through life and just wants to throw in the towel on many occassions. There are issues that will press you to that point, However, we tend to always want to pray for one another when in most cases that is not... more

Life isn't easy, sometimes the trials we go through can turn a heart that was temporarily broken into lasting unforgivness. We carry so many issues in our hearts and sometimes we don't realize that we don't forgive ourselves. Well its... more

Join me! during this 30 minute segment on Prayer. Next week we will talk about the power of confession! this is a must to build a great relationship with Jesus! So tune in next thursday. If you have Prayer requests, Send them to:... more

Join me! during this 30 minute segment on Prayer. Really there is no right or wrong way to pray to the Father because he will teach us and give us the wisdom that we need the more that we connect to him. Many have questions like... more

Recently an event took place in McKinney that has stirred up several people and caused it to literally go viral over night. Is this a race issue? has the justice system gone mad? Or is God simply trying to tell us something? Is the cops resignation... more

I am at it again but this time i am on the road sharing my random thoughts with you. Lets go!! Tune in now

We are all Human, therefore we are mixed with a stream of crud that I call emotions. What do we do when anger rises up? How can we heal from it? How does God really feel toward us? What does this have to do with Revival and the... more

Last week we talked about the church and how much it has changed from the times in the past. We talked about the Apostles Doctrine and the most thing that I am concerned about, what happend to the Fire that we once had back in the... more

Today as I launch this ministry and Show we will talk about the spirit of God and how can we bring this back as a community of believers. This is show is just opinions so be mindful of that. It is time for revival in the body of Christ. The... more