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The Power of Color

The Power of Color


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Please enjoy past shows while we are taking a break. We shall return. Color is part of your life! You choose the colors you wear, your décor, and what foods you eat. Each of these color vibrations affects you. Yet, there is so much more to the power of color. It can help you understand who you are; it can guide you into healing; it can show you a new way of living. During The Power of Color Radio Shows we will explore all of that. Our guests will share how they use the power of color in their lives and businesses. During some shows you can call in for a Color Reading using the ColorCards and the Luminaries. These are card sets that offer guidance and transformation through color. Your Host is Arlene Arnold, founder of Complementary Color Therapy and author of ColorCards and Luminaries. Arlene is a Certified Spiritual Guide and Healing Facilitator as well as a Color Therapist. Your Co-Host is Leslie Romine, certified trainer of Complementary Color Therapy. Our Engineer is Michael Aschenbrenner, certified Complementary Color Therapist. Join us each week for a half hour. Let’s have some fun with color!

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Shame shows itself in many forms: not good enough, strong enough, smart enough, perfect enough, etc, etc. It can run your life. Are you ready to be enough? Join hosts Arlene Arnold and Leslie Romine to see how the vibrations of... more

Changing times bring big changes in relationships. This is not easy, but can be an important part of your own journey. Join host, Arlene Arnold, to learn how using the power of color during these times of change can allow greater clarity and... more

Host Arlene Arnold welcomes Kris Gibbs to talk about Indigo Childen. Kris has worked with these children so she knows the gifts they bring to us and also their challenges. Along with that are challenges for their parents. Maybe you are a... more

Spring has special meaning for people. Why do some colors move you more than others? If you could surround yourself with one of the spring colors, what would it be? Join host Arlene Arnold and Leslie Romine to explore what you can learn... more

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Oh for a brain that is clear of foggy thinking! Some days it seems like the fog sets in, affecting whatever you are doing. Why does this happen and how can color therapy help? Join Arlene Arnold and Leslie Romine for their take on clearing the... more

Host Arlene Arnold welcomes back Eleyne Mari to guide us through a soothing experience with the colors of flowers and the sea called Flower Lei Releasing Meditation. How often do you truly relax? Can you settle into meditation? The... more

Host Arlene Arnold welcomes color therapy expert Alijandra to help us learn more about Healing with the Rainbow Rays, a pioneering healing modality she founded in 1985, which was published in 1995 followed by Cosmic Chakras in 2006.... more

"Guest Eleyne-Mari, a certified color therapist and the founder of the annual 'Color Therapy Month' in March, has connected with color therapists around the world. Hear how Eleyne offers experiences with color that change people. Let her... more

Join host, Arlene Arnold, to explore how the consciousness in your favorite color can impact your life. What does it tell you about you? How might you call on that color consciousness to assist you?