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The Power of Color

The Power of Color


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Please enjoy past shows while we are taking a break. We shall return. Color is part of your life! You choose the colors you wear, your décor, and what foods you eat. Each of these color vibrations affects you. Yet, there is so much more to the power of color. It can help you understand who you are; it can guide you into healing; it can show you a new way of living. During The Power of Color Radio Shows we will explore all of that. Our guests will share how they use the power of color in their lives and businesses. During some shows you can call in for a Color Reading using the ColorCards and the Luminaries. These are card sets that offer guidance and transformation through color. Your Host is Arlene Arnold, founder of Complementary Color Therapy and author of ColorCards and Luminaries. Arlene is a Certified Spiritual Guide and Healing Facilitator as well as a Color Therapist. Your Co-Host is Leslie Romine, certified trainer of Complementary Color Therapy. Our Engineer is Michael Aschenbrenner, certified Complementary Color Therapist. Join us each week for a half hour. Let’s have some fun with color!

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Color can point you toward deeper meaning. Join host, Arlene Arnold to explore the color of your life purpose. How does this color support you to live your life meaningfully? Are you aware of what color that is? Call in to find out the color... more

In past shows we have talked about card readings and how they can help you focus on what is important. You have learned how the amazing ?Luminaries? card deck and book were created. Now you have an opportunity to present an... more

Artist of the ?Luminaries,? Lahrinda Eileen joins Arlene Arnold, author of the ?Luminaries? to share their journey in creating this transforming deck of sacred geometry and color cards and book. For both of them, this was a memorable, if... more

You have colors in your energy field that others can sense and some can see. Aura photos can show you those colors. What colors are vibrating in your energy field and how they look can indicate where you are in your transformational... more

Using “The ColorCards” and the “Luminaries,” hosts Arlene Arnold and Leslie Romine offer Mini Readings to listeners. Find out where to focus in your life. Learn what may be holding you back from living your heart’s desire. See how... more

Readings using card decks and their accompanying books that give suggestions for interpreting readings can help you focus on what is most important in your life. Guest, Eduardo Alarcon, shows how he uses card readings for his business and... more

You choose certain colors to have around you, whether it’s in your clothes, décor or what you eat. How does that affect your life? What meaning do these colors bring to your life? How can color stop those thoughts that race through your... more