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The Infinite Inning

The Infinite Inning


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The Infinite Inning is not only about baseball but a state of mind.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Addie Joss is Defunct*The Phillies Are On the Wire*Grant Brisbee: Tongue Tied*?To Glorgle?*Joe West's Greatest Ejections*The Greatest Hits Theory of Joe West Fans*Hate Mail (Never Criticize Matt Wieters)*Back... more

TABLE OF CONTENTS The Cubs Buy Sushi*Chop the Chop (in Colorado)*Ryan Davis: Credentialed and Fatigued*A Dynasty Simultaneously Achieved and Denied*Were the Brewers Just Better?*Chili Davis is an Innocent Man!*Do Joe... more

TABLE OF CONTENTS The Trial of Dizzy Dean*Dizzy Dean Balks*David Roth: Let's Remember Guys Named Herm*Misplacing Bob Melvin and Maligning Tony Armas*A Quick Look at Dominic Smith*Questions of Confidence and Security in... more

TABLE OF CONTENTS The Baltimore Orioles Were Over So Long Ago*McGraw/Chase Redux*Tommy and Roy*Jeff Pearlman: Why is the USFL remembered more fondly than other failed sports leagues?*It's not the players,... more

An Addison Russell Problem of Morality*The Pennant Race Decided By a Squeeze Play* Cliff Corcoran: A False Start*Who should be NL MVP?*Ban the Bullpen!*Possibly ignorant analogies from basketball and hockey*Openers and... more

Baseballs Try to Murder Fritz Ostermueller* Permanent Rainout, September 21, 1938*Stephon Johnson: The New York Amsterdam News/Advocacy Journalism*When Did African Americans Lose Interest in Baseball?*The... more

TABLE OF CONTENTS Wes Ferrell Walks Off*Mediocre White Players/Jimmy Collins' Unplanned Vacation*Mike Bates and Bill Parker: The historic 2018 season: The Baltimore Orioles and Shohei Ohtani*Rudy Pemberton and Phil... more

WARNING: One excretory cussword. TABLE OF CONTENTS Tony Horton and Dolphin Shows of the Apocalypse*Extinctions and an Apology*Jeff Heath's Bat*The West Coast is on Fire*The Kendrys Morales Sublimations*Don't... more

TABLE OF CONTENTS Casey Stengel removes a pitcher*The Babe Ruth Visitors Center*Potential, with Andy Cohen and Rogers Hornsby*Hairstons and Harstons*The Great Gee Walker*Goodbyes. THE INFINITE INNING ARCHIVE:... more

TABLE OF CONTENTS WARNING: The odd cussword is spoken aloud and sometimes thought in this episode. In addition, there is a discussion of an ancient case of rape and manslaughter in the second segment. Pea Ridge Day chooses... more